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June 2010 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on June 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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Cool Tube Doors
Many tube doors aren't designed with the shape of the Jeep body in mind and often look tacked-on. Not so with the new doors from Roughshod Offroad. The door flows from the windshield seal level to the body tub in much the same way stock steel half doors do. Door limiting straps, light tabs, mirrors, and arm rests are all included in the price of the door.
Information: Roughshod Offroad, 805/434-8040,

Bag of Good
We all know ARB makes good parts, and some of our favorites are the company's tow straps. The company has released a Premium Recovery kit that weighs in at less than 35 lbs and includes whatever you might need, whether it is a simple tug or a more involved off-angle winch recovery. Included is a snatch strap, a tree trunk protector, a 66-foot winch extension strap, a recovery damper, leather recovery gloves, two D-shackles, and a snatch block-all in a sturdy nylon bag.
Information: ARB Products, 425/2641391,

Lazer Star
The affordable Lazer Star Dominator Series HID is available in a 7-inch housing with an internal ballast and your choice of either spot or flood beam patterns. The 35-watt HID is rated at 6000 degrees Kelvin and fits light bars that accept from 6- to 8-inch lights.
Information: Lazer Star, 800/624-6234,

Ultimate Beef
Take the biggest axle assembly that you can easily get, and swap in the biggest and strongest shafts available with a "you break it we replace it" warranty. These monster CV-style shafts for the Rockwell 2.5-ton axle assembly are made from aircraft-quality steel. The shafts come with custom grease fittings and only require a shot or two of grease per year.
Information: RCV Performance Products, 815/877-7473,

Legal and Free
Proclaim your support for freedom of speech and keep your tires from kicking mud and rain spray all over the road with these mud flaps that proudly proclaim "Legal and Free" from Daystar Industries. Let the over-the top environmentalists know how you really feel about it.
Information: Daystar, 623/907-0081,

Read Right
With the SN74 Module from Classic Industries wired in-line between any electronic speedometer and your hall-effect sensor, simple calibration-regardless of your wheel size, tire size, or gearing-is just two button pushes away. Simply push the button on the SN74, drive one measured mile, and push the button again.
Information: Classic Industries, 800/575-0461,

Grizzly-Strength Locker
The new Grizzly Locker from Yukon Gear and Axle is manufactured out of an 8620 cromoly case and mechanically-locked internals for added strength. The lockers are currently available in both 28- and 31-spline Ford 9-inch applications, Dana 44, Toyota four-cylinder and V-6 trucks, GM 14-bolt, Rockwell 2.5-ton, and other configurations.
Information: Randy's Ring and Pinion, 800/347-1188,

Come to Your Senses
The Desperado modular aluminum wheel is now available for a limited time in a matte black finish. The wheel will be offered just for us Jeep guys who have a need for 4 inches of backspacing and a 5-on-41/2-bolt pattern, and will include matching black center caps.
Information: Black Rock Wheels, 909/947-1831,

Cool Looking Function
This new induction hood from Ansani Designs is made out of hand-laid unidirectional fiberglass with a fully-functional scoop. Increased underhood airflow helps keep the engine cool, and this bolt-on hood won a Global Media Award at the 2009 SEMA show.
Information: Ansani Designs, 480/323-0504,

Over Builder
"Easy" and "cheap" are two words often used to describe spring-over conversions. The problem is that these two words are typically mutually exclusive. No longer, thanks to the YJ Spring-Over builder parts section from Rock Krawler Suspension. Each kit comes with two spring mounting pads, two 5/16-inch-thick steel spring retainer plates, four U-bolts, and four cross-pins. The kit helps minimize spring wrap with the adjustable cross pins and features some of the longest spring mounts in the industry.
Information: Rock Krawler Suspension, 518/270-9822,

Anywhere Vice
We've known guys that used to carry actual vices in their Jeeps on the trail. And while sometimes a vice is a needed tool, it just isn't lightweight or small enough to be practical. The Trail-D Vise from Mac's Custom Tie-downs slides into your Class III or IV receiver hitch and can grip up to a 2x4 piece of wood, so holding driveshafts, axleshafts, or knuckles aren't a problem. With all the features of a real bench-mounted vice, including high-grip jaws, a triple pipe jaw and an anvil in a fraction of the space, this is a great tool for the trail.
Information: Mac's Custom Tie Downs, 866/371-5175,


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