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July 2010 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on July 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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Truck Trans Vent
Many of our favorite manual transmissions offer no vent, or have a vent that lets water in during those deep water crossings. This transmission boot/vent from Love Lake Enterprises solves those issues. It seals around the top of the transmission and the stick shift with hose clamps and features a 1/4-inch barb for venting which can be tied into your vent system or led up the firewall. It is designed for the Borg-Warner T-18 and T-19 transmissions but we are sure it would work for others as well.
Information: Love Lake Enterprises, 541/743-6986,

Heavy CVs
Sure, you might not catch us in a Liberty, but we know we still have some Liberty-owning readers. So, when we get word from a respected off-road manufacturer that they are making heavy-duty Liberty CV axles, who are we to keep the secret? New from JE Reel, these CV axleshafts feature a 45-percent thicker cage and are modified for more articulation which translates to more strength and better longevity, especially if you are running a lifted Liberty.
Information: J.E. Reel Drive Line, 909/629-9002,

Super Stubby
Some of us think bumpers need to stop speeding bovines. Others just want additional protection without loss of off-road ability and the Swag Off Road stubby bumper could be for you. The base of the bumper is made from A575 steel which is press-formed and dimple-died for increased strength. The winch-mount plate is 1/4-inch-thich steel and the tow points are 1-inch-thick. The bumper works with OEM and aftermarket sway bars and fits '87-'06 Wranglers.
Information: Swag Off Road, 541/915-2775,

Problems Solved
These new heavy-duty knuckles from Reid Racing (formerly Dedenbear Products) solve a lot of problems with the stock '07-and-up JK knuckles. They are designed as stock replacements, so the stock Unitbearings bolt up as do the stock steering linkage and wheels (in the stock locations). The big improvements over stock are substantial increase in strength, dual steering stops, a raised tie-rod (11/2 inches), a raised drag link (3 inches) and most aftermarket steering systems are compatible.
Information: Reid Racing, 925/935-3025,

New HoodLift
HoodLift has unveiled a system that works with the AEV heat-reduction hood for the '07-and-up JK. The HoodLift is a device that holds your hood open with no goofy prop rods needed. We frequently find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. Either we use the prop rod, and the hood can (and often does) get blown into the windshield frame, or we don't use it, lay the hood on the windshield, and take the risk of the wind blowing the hood closed while we are under it. The HoodLift means no more parking the Jeep with regards to prevalent winds.
Information: HoodLIft, 916/375-1122,

Trail Tray
Good for holding tools or eating meals off of, the new JK-sized tray table from Off Road Trail Tools offers 3311/2 square inches of usable space. For those of you without a calculator in your head that is a 261/2 x 13-inch tray. The tray is made out of 0.090 aluminum which means it won't rust and is lightweight to help save those tailgate hinges. All hardware is stainless steel with brass washers for corrosion resistance. Self-retracting pins hold the unit closed. No cables get in the way when the tray is down thanks to a proprietary design. The 8-inch magnetic bar to hold tools is rated at a 25-lb pull and the tray is available in black powdercoat and raw aluminum.
Information: Off Road Trail Tools, 520/579-2079,

Dad's Camp Chair
We are all familiar with "Dad's Chair"- that big, comfy chair that he sits in no matter what. The house could be burning down around him, but he might not move once he is in that chair. Well, ARB has come up with a new camp chair that is just as comfortable and will last just as long as dad's chair. A robust alloy frame wrapped with a durable nylon Oxford weave material combine with locking catches for a 260-lb weight rating which is higher than most available collapsible chairs on the market. The chair features a rear magazine pocket, side pockets with a Velcro flap and a matching carry bag with shoulder strap.
Information: ARB 4x4 Accessories, 425/264-1391,


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