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March 2011 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on March 1, 2011
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Never a Dull Moment
We are often looking for a sharp knife when out on the trail, but it is such a pain to keep spare box cutters and fresh blades in the glovebox or toolbox. The Z-blade is a medical-grade scalpel, so you know it's sharp. It is encased in a bright plastic handle for ease of use and includes a lockable cover. At right around $5, it makes a great disposable tool to keep in your Jeep for your miscellaneous cutting needs. Information: PFI Custom Molding, 800/734-5424,

Off-Road Tow
Tow Rite tow bars have been around for a long time and the premise is fairly simple. It is designed to bolt to the Jeep bumper permanently and the ball is removable from the A-frame. The removable 2-inch ball coupler also makes this tow-bar legal in states that have outlawed anything from the bumper sticking up past the hood. The A-frame is built to clear winches and made from 304 stainless steel. The one shown is polished but normally they come with black powdercoating. Information: Tow-Rite Towbars, 760/741-5337,

Rocking Joints
Dave's Customs' Roc Joint features 1-inch thread, a 5/8-inch-diameter bolt hole, and 2.90-inch mounting width. The unique bushing design of this builder's joint allows for up to 20 degrees of misalignment. The housing is forged and features a grease fitting. This could be a great alternative to other joints on the market in that it will allow both flex and noise dampening. Threaded inserts sold separately. Information: Dave's Customs Unlimited, 602/639-1213,

In Deeper
PML has announced deeper aluminum oil pans for TJ, LJ, KJ, and KK Jeeps with automatic transmissions. The pan offers 1 to 1 1/2 quarts of additional fluid capacity, has a magnetic drain plug, and an optional temperature sensor boss is available as well. The aluminum fins actually help to cool the fluid and the pan is designed to clear factory skidplates. Information: PML, 310/671-4345,

Safe 5.56mm
Ammo cans are great for toting tools and supplies in a Jeep. They are waterproof, can take a beating, and are easy to transport even when full. They can also become lethal projectiles in a rollover or during spirited driving. Enter Fat Boy Tactical. The company is selling a surplus HMMWV mount, two straps, and two decent used ammo cans for a mere $30. The mount is made from 3/16-inch-thick aluminum angle and electroplated black. The straps are cam-over style and so they are quick and easy to operate to get the cans out of the mounts. Two mounts (4 cans) can fit behind the seat of a Wrangler. Information: Fat Boy Tactical, 859/749-5659

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