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April 2011 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on April 1, 2011
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Tubed High-Lift
We all know what a great tool the High-Lift Jack can be but the fact is, it can be dangerous in certain situations. Jacking against a tube fender, a tubular side step, or a tubular bumper can be tricky. The OverlandXT from Trasharoo fixes any uncertainty you might have. Fabricated from 1/4-inch-thick steel this High-Lift Jack attachment is available in grey and hammered grey powdercoat. Made in the USA and ships with a high-quality safety pin; this item is a must for your recovery bag. Information: Trasharoo, 714/854-7292,

Tiny Tacticool
Almost all of us are trapped by a cell phone or enjoy the use of a CB or FM race radio. The problem is that there is never any good place to put them. Put them in the dash, and they end up on the floor or out the door. Put them in the console, you can't hear them and the other stuff will beat them up. The hand-held radio pouch from Envy 4x4 will solve all those issues. Available in olive drab, black, tan, and digital camouflage, this little ballistic nylon pouch can handle anything your Jeep can dish out. The flap closes with hook and loop fasteners and there is a spring-loaded clip on the drawstring attachment. The MA56 can be carried via a MOLLE, belt-hook, or carabineer. Information: Envy 4x4, 505-286-3689, envy

Hard Top Softener
Hardtop-equipped Wranglers offer more protection from the elements than soft top-equipped Jeeps but in extreme cold and extreme heat many of us are still left wanting more. The Cherokee guys have steel, an insulated panel, and fabric over their heads. The more insulation you have the better your HVAC works too. HotHead Headliners is now offering a solution for the JK owner and soon will have solutions for the LJ/TJ owner as well. These headliners are made from automotive-grade foam and covered with automotive-grade fabric. The fabric is available in a variety of colors to match your factory interior. A simple hook and loop fastening solution makes install a breeze. Information: HotHead Headliners, 714/872-2071,

Up until now, we had two choices. We could either get burned by slag when welding under the Jeep or we sweat like whores in church because of our leathers. Miller has given us a third and much better choice with the WeldX line of welding clothes. WeldX combines the breathability of cotton with exceptional flame and spatter resistance for a comfortable solution that will protect you. It is 60 percent lighter than most leathers. Information: Miller Electric, 800/426-4553,

These new 300M U-joints are made from super-tough 300M alloy with a state-of-the-art heat treating process and a surface-hardened trunion to prevent galling. JT's Parts and Accessories tossed the needle bearings to avoid the crushing issue and added full-circle snap rings to keep the caps in place. Each U-joint cap accepts the included low-profile zerk fitting for better dispersal of grease and a longer overall life. Information: JT's Parts and Accessories, 509/888-2953,

Huge Made EZ
As we keep running bigger and bigger tires, the old ways of carrying spare tires is quickly going by the wayside. Broken pivots, rattling latches, and vibrating swing arms are but a few of the problems with many swing-away carriers. Poison Spyder Customs is offering a new swing-down carrier solution made from DOM tubing and 3/16-inch steel plate. Any bolt pattern and tire size can be accommodated with the unique mounting system and 1-inch-thick heavy-duty shackle tabs are included. The carrier is available now for the TJ and LJ and is coming soon for YJ, CJ, and JK. Information: Poison Spyder Customs, 951/849-5911,

Omega M
The Mopar USB jump drive is eye-catching with the patented Omega M design and can be bought either online or at your local dealership. It retails for under $40 and features a 2 GB capacity. Information: Mopar, 800/525-4165,

Exhaust Aspirin
Figuring out a working exhaust solution in a Jeep with a modified suspension can be a headache. If you have a Wrangler, Magnaflow has the solution for you. That's right, if you have a Wrangler from '87-present, you can get a bolt-on, stainless steel, mandrel-bent exhaust. The kits turn down in front of the rear axle and as such clear aftermarket and most custom suspension setups. Information: Magnaflow, 800/824-8664,

Rear Reinforcement
The thin rear crossmember is the weak link in any extraction for any TJ Wrangler. We've seen countless aftermarket bumpers torn off thanks to the thin metal, small weld area, and in some cases, bad welds. If your bumper didn't come with tie-in brackets and you use your Jeep for more than trips to the mall, you need the frame tie-in brackets from Swag Off Road. They are made from 1/4-inch steel, include Grade-8 hardware, and double-bent construction to easily clear factory welds. Information: Swag Off Road, 541/945-2775,

As Jeep people we are always pushing the envelope, it is in our blood. Whether how far we can go on a road trip, or how long we can get out into the woods without work firing us, it is always something. If you ever wanted to take your bike, motorcycle, furniture, or anything weighing 400 pounds or less in your Jeep, but it wouldn't fit-now you can. The Crewbed is a permanently mounted folding load bed that extends the space behind your front seats to usable proportions. It is easily installed and removed with regular hand tools if you are so inclined, but it does fold up behind the rear seat as well. Information: Crewbed, 480/201-5358,

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