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Moab Red Rock Products

Posted in Product Reviews on August 1, 2011
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Photographers: JP Staff

Every year we spend nearly a week wheeling the local trails in and around Moab, Utah, for the Easter Jeep Safari. But one of our favorite days of the event is walking the vendor show at the Spanish Trail Arena near the end of the week. Over the years it’s become a much more significant show. Many manufacturers have begun introducing new products here instead of at other, arguably larger vendor shows. This year proved even better than the last, as the arena was packed with cool new trinkets and widgets we couldn’t live without.

Chrome’ll Get You Home
Among other things Warn introduced a new line of low-cost quality winches, a new heavy-duty locking hub design, and this one-off chromed Olympus 25 on the front of a JK. You can’t buy this winch in chrome, but we expect to the see the pancake electric motor technology that this winch features eventually trickle down to the smaller consumer winches. Information: Warn Industries, 800/543.9276,

If you need a step on the side of your Jeep but you still want the hardcore protection and high-clearance that rocker guards provide, then Rock-Slide Engineering may have just the thing for you. The company offers the electric Step-Slider that provides the best of both worlds for four-door JK Wranglers. Open the door and a sturdy step pops down. Close the door and it automatically retracts back into the heavy-duty, high-clearance, steel rocker guard. Information: Rock-Slide Engineering, 435/752-4580,

Low-Cost High-Tech
Along with a high-tech JK Wrangler-specific steering stabilizer that should be available later this year, Fox Racing Shox came up with a lower cost aluminum shock body that still has all the internal technology that the high-end shocks have. The new shocks will come in universal sizes and bolt-in Jeep-specific applications. Information: Fox Racing Shox, 800/FOX-SHOX,

Drop Down
Poison Spyder Customs introduced its lightweight aluminum drop-down tailgate kit. It’s available for CJs and Wranglers and works with the factory or aftermarket top. The kit includes all the necessary hardware, brackets, and anti-over extension cables. Information: Poison Spyder Customs, 951/849-5911,

XJ Boost
In the past if you wanted a supercharger for your 4.0L XJ Cherokee you typically had to cut a hole in your hood to fit it. Boostec has a better solution with its Sprintex supercharger kit that includes a new cast intake manifold for a lower-profile installation. The supercharger kit is said to make 275hp and 300 lb-ft of torque at the crank. Kits are available for the 4.0L engine in ’96-’01 XJs and ’97-’06 TJs. Information: Boostec, 719/749-1335,

High-Tech Shaft
Over the last several years RCV Performance has developed an entire line of bomb-proof CV-style front axleshafts for many different Jeep and axle models. Now the company is working on a high-angle, vibration-free, driveshaft version of its CV joint. It was not yet available, but it may be by the time you read this. Information: RCV Performance, 815/877-7473,

Door Stop
Star Fabricating came up with a unique product to keep ’07-up Jeep Wrangler doors open. The Smart Door turns your Wrangler doors into traditional automotive doors with two stopping positions. This keeps the doors from slamming into your legs or body during entry and exit. The Smart Door is a bolt-on part that only requires a few holes to be drilled in your factory door. Once installed it looks and feels like a factory part. Information: Star Fabricating, 801/244-5859,

Easy Locker
USA Standard Gear brought out a new application for its Spartan Locker. The Spartan Locker is a lunch-box style locker that fits into the stock open differential carrier. It’s now available for Dana 30, 35, 44, 60, and AMC 20 axles. It’s recommended for lighter vehicles or with tires that are 32 inches or smaller. Information: Randy’s Ring & Pinion, 866/631-0196,

Lift and Gearing in One
AxleTech International Motorsports introduced a smaller version of its portal axle ends that fits late-model Dana 44 axles. The portal boxes provide a 4-inch lift and have a 1.25:1 reduction ratio. The knuckle is made of steel and the gearbox is made of aluminum. The boxes are available for both front and rear axles and come with a 5-on-5 lug pattern. Information: AxleTech International Motorsports, 248/637-6310,

Steering Beef
Slapping 35-inch or bigger tires on an ’07-up Wrangler for heavy rock work is easy. However, keeping the sector shaft on the steering box in one piece can be a little more work. JKS Manufacturing has the solution in its sector shaft support system. The JKS unit strengthens the front track bar mount and provides a double-shear mount on the steering shaft. An adjustable arm increases the support of the entire assembly by tying into the framerail on the other side. This is a must-have for JKs with tires bigger than 35 inches. Information: JKS Manufacturing, 308/762-6949,

Weight Watcher
Lightweight is where it’s at, and it doesn’t get much lighter than fiberglass. If you’re not the kind of guy that’s literally dragging your Jeep over boulders then the Go Berserk fiberglass bumpers from Iceland Offroad may be for you. The company has several different Jeep models covered including the XJ, ZJ, WJ, and JK. The bumpers come with steel winch mounts and tow hook points and can be painted to match your Jeep. Information: Iceland Offroad, 801/427-5998,

4.0L Power
Banks rolled out a complete bolt-on smog-legal Sidewinder turbo kit for the ’00-’06 Jeep 4.0L engine. The kit is said to produce 45 percent more power on pump gas. It includes a turbine housing that’s matched for low-rpm boost response so the turbo won’t leave you hanging off the line. Information: Banks Power, 877/278-0208,

Third Leg
Manual tranny guys will appreciate the ORO Grip-N-Go hand-throttle shift knob. The throttle lever on the front of the shift knob is used to manipulate fuel delivery while working the clutch and brake pedals simultaneously. It can help you maintain control of your manual-trannied Jeep on a hill where missing a pedal stroke could cause a rollover. Information: ORO, 651/644-2323,

You can make installing an engine, clutch, or custom motor mounts a lot easier with Mac’s new Pivot Plate. You can adjust how far it tilts the engine with the screw at the end. A carb-plate style Pivot Plate is pictured but many different styles are available including applications for GM LS and other injected or blown engines. Information: Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs, 800/666-1586,

Flexy Fenders
Why build an overweight heavy-duty fender when you can offer a lightweight flexible one you can drive over? That’s just what Modern Classic Enterprises was thinking when the company came up with its Flexible Fenders. The flexy fenders are available for TJs and YJs with a CJ version on the way. Information: Modern Classic Enterprises, 425/260-8781,

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