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March 2012 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on March 1, 2012
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Easy Healing
From speedometer gears to electronic devices, there has never been a way to correct your speedometer that is so easy. The SpeedoHealer is so easy, a 16-year-old girl can install it and adjust it. It plugs into your ’98-’01 Cherokee or ’98-’06 Wrangler (including Rubicon and Unlimited) and the universal kit can be made to work with any ’92-’97 Jeep. If you have access to a GPS and can follow instructions you can adjust your speedometer for any gear and tire combination in seconds. Swap gears or tires as many times as you want and actually be able to use your speedometer to see how fast you are going.
Information: Blue Monkey Motorsports, 877/234-5150

Rolling CJ-5s
The new weld-in cage kit from GenRight Off Road is a godsend for CJ-5 owners. This kit is made from mandrel-bent and CNC-cut 13⁄4-inch, 0.120-wall DOM tubing and arrives at your door ready to weld in. The base kit retails for $1,399 and is shown here with optional dashboard V-bar and behind-the-seat X-bar for use with five-point harnesses. The kit is designed around ’76-’83 CJ-5s but can be made to work with any CJ-5, all the way back to 1955.
Information: GenRight Off Road, 805/584-8635

Going Boating
The only way to get more clearance under the rockers of your Jeep than you have now is to cut the factory sheetmetal. If you aren’t afraid of some cutting, Dave’s Customs Unlimited offers the boatside rockers for you. They cover from the front wheelwell to the rear wheelwell and are built out of 3⁄16-inch-thick steel. They angle down at 45 degrees and can increase clearance under the door by up to 4 inches. The rocker guards are available for ’97-’06 TJs and are designed to fit like a glove with Dave’s Customs Unlimited rear corner protection, ship in bare steel, and include stainless steel counter-sunk Allen-head bolts.
Information: Dave’s Customs Unlimited, 602/639-1213

Next Generation
Modern Classic Enterprises has responded to a sizable demand for more tire coverage with its Generation II fenders. These UV-stable PVO plastic fenders feature a lifetime warranty to the original owner against cracking regardless of climate and four-wheeling. The fender is a one-piece design and extends over the tire to help keep mud out of your face. The flare portion behind the tire also features a unique mounting system that allows the flare to pop off the fender without damage in case of a tree or rock impact. After you are past the obstacle, it is simple to reattach the flare to the fender.
Information: Modern Classic Enterprises, 425/260-8781

Great Leaves
The redheaded stepchild is all but ignored in this day and age of the new Wranglers. We are glad to see a sensibly priced yet well-optioned lift kit come out for the old red head. Rough Country Suspension introduces its YJ N2 suspension with a set of application-tuned 4-inch-lift springs and N2.0 shock absorbers. The kit also includes brake line relocation brackets, a T-case drop, track bar drop brackets, extended bumpstops, and new swaybar end links. The shocks are tested and tuned for use with a YJ with these springs (unlike so many off-the-shelf shocks) for both comfortable on-road handling and superior off-road performance.
Information: Rough Country Suspension Products, 800/222-7023

Power Cooling
With heavy use and bigger tires, the power steering systems in our Jeeps get a workout. So naturally, we upgrade the steering systems. The problem is, even the best power steering system gets hot. As we all know, heat kills. The new power steering cooler kit from PSC Motorsports fits ’97-present Wranglers and fits between the grille and the radiator. The kit includes a 19-row Derale cooler and a mount and bracket kit. To make your life easier all required hoses, fittings, and mounting hardware are also included.
Information: PSC Motorsports, 817/270-0102

Kingpin Upgrade
The kingpin-equipped Dana 60s are generally more sought-after due to their reputation for being heavier-duty and the fact that the kingpins are serviceable. Reid Racing has come up with a bronze-bushing replacement for the nylon inserts. The kit replaces both upper kingpin bushings and includes a roll pin to prevent bushing rotation. Reid Racing has selected the highest-grade bronze with unsurpassed tensile strength for high resistance to both galling and wear. The bronze bushing eliminates the shimmy and wander common to the stock parts while the threaded holes simplify removal.
Information: Reid Racing, 925/935-3025

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