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June 2012 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on June 1, 2012
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Old Man Rules
From two- to four-door Jeeps and from soft- to hard-top models and more, the factory has something like 10 different spring rates to deliver the same ride and height. Then after you factor in aftermarket bumpers, winches, and bigger wheels and tires the variables are astounding. So normally when a manufacturer quotes a lift height, we take it with a grain of salt. However, Old Man Emu goes the extra mile with its lift kits and the included trim packers in this new 4-inch kit allow fine tuning of lift height. The extra mile continues with items such as a forged steel adjustable track bar, rear track bar relocation bracket, and a caster correction kit. Information: ARB 4x4 Accessories

More Power
The ’84-’96 Cherokees and ’86-’92 Comanches were ahead of their time in a lot of ways. One way they constantly show their age is in the lack of power outlets, cupholders, and available switch locations. It might sound petty, but anyone who has ever driven one of these will agree. While we haven’t found a great solution for cup holders yet, these switch panels from Prime 4x4 are a great solution to the power problem. The one shown is for the forward cubby hole of the factory console, but there is a panel available for the small cubby behind the shifter as well. They are available in many available configurations from all switches to all power outlets and are made from formed and coated steel. For a limited time, use the code SIMPR10 for 10 percent off your order and tell ’em Jp magazine sent you.
Information: Prime 4x4

Short Bus Armor
It has been almost 30 years since the last CJ-5 rolled off the assembly line, but that didn’t stop GenRight Off Road from rolling out some new parts for them. These corner guards from GenRight are made from 3⁄16-inch-thick steel that’s formed with a single-hit die to perfectly match the factory tub curve. Unlike other GenRight offerings, due to the near 30 years the CJ-5 ran as well as the near 30 years since they were built, the company leaves it up to the end-user as to where the wheelwell and taillight openings go, so they are delivered with those features uncut. However, the corners still include pre-drilled and counter-sunk mounting holes and stainless steel hardware.
Information: GenRight Off-Road

No Limits
The factory ’07-and-up Rubicon Wrangler disconnecting sway bar is a great convenience. The problem is that it is prone to breaking, shorting-out, and just all-around being annoying. This manually-operated disconnect from EVO Manufacturing replaces the balky factory electric unit with a manually-operated CNC-machined aluminum piece that makes disconnecting or reconnecting the sway bar as easy as turning the knurled knob a few times. Unlike many other methods of disconnecting the sway bar, the Jeep doesn’t have to be perfectly level for this to work; there are no end links to possibly puncture tires, and no need to bounce the Jeep to get it to engage or disengage.
Information: EVO Manufacturing

Low-Buck Roof Top
It is hard to argue with the benefits of a roof-top tent: off the ground away from weather and animals, built-in bedding, heavy-duty construction, and easy setup are but a few. However, when we have the money, we almost always spend it on lockers, lift parts, or a winch, and just continue sleeping on the ground. The new Eezi-Awn Jazz from Expedition Outfitters is a lower-buck version of the company’s popular Series 3, with many of the same benefits. The use of 260g rip-stop poly-cotton canvas for the walls and a PVC fly insure that the user will stay dry, and the heavy-duty mesh screening and YKK zippers are the same as those used in its “higher-end” lines.
Information: Expedition Outfitters

OK, so maybe there is no “whirl” here, but there is something to be said for not having to rebuild your trailer every five years or so. Most of us view trailer ramps as optional. Whether they are dirty, slush-covered, left at home, or just a pain in the butt, it is often easier just to drive the Jeep up on the trailer without them. The problem is that unless you’ve got a really overbuilt trailer, over the years you will notice that the section of the trailer behind the rear axle starts to bend. With the trailer still attached to the tow rig using the Tilt-A-Hitch, you can safely jack the front end of your trailer up with your jack. Of course, this will lower the rear and lessen the chances of damaging the trailer in the long run.
Information: Tilt-A-Hitch

Lot With Little
It might weight only 40 pounds, but this Invertig 221 packs 220 amps of welding power so it can handle just about any welding job you might run across. It features the capability to separately adjust both the electrode negative and electrode positive voltage for precise heat control. The frequency of the AC voltage is adjustable from 20 to 200 hertz. It is also an excellent DC welder, with a smooth, stable arc making mild steel, 4130, stainless, and even titanium a breeze. The welder also allows storing up to 64 different welding programs, which are accessible in any mode.
Information: HTP America, Inc

So often the only way we can get a completely new distributor for our swapped-in Ford or Chevy V-8s is to go with an aftermarket unit that is often built with costly full-CNC construction. PerTronix has saved some of the cost and all of the bling with their all-new Flame-Thrower “Stock Look” offering. The gears are hardened to exact tolerances for a long service life, the vacuum canister is adjustable for optimum performance, and the mechanical curve has been tailored for top performance without sacrificing drivability. The distributor features a high-dielectric strength cap with brass terminals and is 50-state CARB legal.
Information: PerTronix

EZ Lock
There are a lot of locking boxes on the market for Jeep vehicles, but a lot of them are difficult to get into. Even if you know how they work and have the key, getting in is so often akin to doing the hokey pokey and praying to the tumbler gods that everything will align. The new JK security lock box from Tuffy eliminates the dancing and praying. It is available for both two- and four-door ’07-present JKs and allows keeping the rear seat. It covers all sides of the cargo area, clears the subwoofer if so equipped, locks with the tailgate which you already have a key for, and the top is removable for hauling big and tall items.
Information: Tuffy Security Products

Both Ways
So many fans are either “pusher” fans or “puller” fans that it sometimes makes finding a decent mounting location difficult. These new fans from TCI solve that problem. By simply removing the fan blades and flipping them over, the fan goes from push to pull or vice versa. The fans are available in 10-, 12-, 14-, and 16-inch versions for fitment in just about any situation. The S-style fan blade keeps operating noise down, and the entire assembly is made from high-temperature-resistant nylon plastic.
Information: TCI Auto

Normally we see Mag-Hytec covers on the rear of goofy-tall trucks that never go off-road, but we can’t deny the quality of the parts. Finally Mag-Hytec is making a high-quality cover that we can use. Many ’70s-era Jeeps had a TH400 automatic transmission in them from the factory and even if it didn’t, the TH400 is a good swap candidate thanks to its strength. Mag-Hytec now offers a finned aluminum TH400 cover that allows 2.5 quarts more capacity than the factory pan with an aircraft-level of fit and finish. The pan also features a 1⁄8-inch NPT hole for a temperature sending unit and a magnetic drain plug.
Information: Mag-Hytec

It is easy enough to cut and drill holes in metal, but not many of us have a brake capable of forming 1⁄4-inch-thick steel. Sometimes one store-bought piece can save a couple of day’s worth of fab work. This universal Dana 44 truss from Dave’s Customs Unlimited features a low-profile design to provide better clearance under the Jeep. This formed 1⁄4-inch-thick truss also has a flat top that is great for mounting upper control arm link tabs on. The truss is small enough that it can be used for front applications as well as in the rear.
Information: Dave’s Customs Unlimited

Jack Holder
Got an off-road beam-style jack but have problems finding a place to put it? Well if you have a 2-inch receiver hitch, Jack Rabbit manufacturing has your solution. The all-steel construction with a powdercoated finish provides a lifetime of service and the mount easily plugs into any 2-inch receiver hitch, making it easy to move the jack between vehicles. The adjustable design allows for three different mounting positions for no loss of ground clearance, the integral lock tab allows you to lock it up with any standard padlock, and the formed bottom lip supports the jack handle to eliminate cumbersome handle keepers.
Information: Jack Rabbit Manufacturing

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