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January 2013 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on January 1, 2013
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Photographers: The Manufacturers

Anti Circle
Even if you aren’t one of those people who hates wheels with circles in them, you’ll probably find these new Series 5001 wheels from Pro Comp easy on the eyes. The split eight-spoke design definitely has nothing to do with repeated circles; the aluminum Classic Alloy-series wheel is available in a satin black finish. The wheel is offered in 16-, 17-, and 18-inch diameters for most trucks and popular SUVs with five, six, and eight-lug bolt patterns.
Information: Pro Comp

Billet Adjusters
Aftermarket seats are cool and all, but there just haven’t been any easy-to-use and heavy-duty adjusters for them. Sure, you can set the seat where it works for you, but then only you or someone your size can drive the Jeep. And, let’s face it, using factory slides with high-end aftermarket seats is butch. Enter Chassis Unlimited Seat-Loc. The Seat-Loc is designed to fit all 18-inch vertically mounted seats and provides 24 inches of total adjustability. You might think with that much adjustability it won’t handle your fat ass, but you are likely wrong. Even at the max of 12 inches (one direction) the Seat-Loc is rated for 275 lbs. The Seat-Loc adds 13⁄4 inches of vertical height to your existing seat tabs and are made from 6061 T6 aluminum and are available raw, anodized, hydro-dipped, and polished.
Information: Chassis Unlimited

Mold Sniffer
If you’ve got an older Jeep or one that sits for extended periods of time you probably know that musty, moldy smell that comes from moisture trapped in a long-stored vehicle. It is nasty, and in some cases can cause health issues. For just $8.99 per 350 cu ft (the smallest size) you can save your Jeep that smelly old man smell. The Pingi dehumidifier uses a silica gel to trap moisture and is completely reusable. Just stick it in a microwave for a few minutes and then toss it back in your Jeep.
Information: Pingi North America

One Size Fits All
If you are like us, you look at terms like “Bolt-On” and “One Size Fits All” kind of like children’s fairy tales. It may as well say “ Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” or “That the hot school teacher actually liked you.” Well, Mac’s Tie Downs new line of recovery straps embraces that one size doesn’t fit all philosophy. From the 2-inch-wide (17,000 pound breaking strength) to the 6-inch-wide (57,000 pound breaking strength all Mac’s straps are USA-made. The straps are available in yellow and your choice either 20- or 30-foot lengths.
Information: Mac’s Custom Tie Downs

New Rubicon
The new Rubicon Express 21⁄2-inch suspension for ’07-’12 Jeep Wranglers is easy to install. The suspension delivers impressive off-road performance and value without needing new driveshafts, exhaust modifications, or longer brake lines. Included are extended bumpstops, springs, track bar relocation bracket, and shocks. The kit provides enough room for 35-inch-tall tires with more wheeltravel and is available with or without custom-tuned gas shocks.
Information: Rubicon Express

Synthetic Only
We like synthetic winch rope, but all our snatch blocks are made for wire rope and can chew up the synthetic line. Well, Master-Pull has announced a synthetic-only snatch block. This SBO3000 snatch block has a 30,000-pound breaking strength, yet weighs only 3.7 pounds which makes it both lighter and stronger than any other snatch block on the market. It is done with an oil-impregnated nylon sleeve that offers less friction than steel and will never need to be greased. The red powdercoated metal sides have nylon plates shrink-fitted on the inside to further protect the rope.
Information: Master-Pull

We see a lot of press releases for aluminum wheels, but it is rare that a company comes out with a new steel wheel. We are happy to share that Mickey Thompson has done just that. The Mickey Metal Series wheels are heavy-duty wheels with a tough black powdercoat finish and the Mickey Thompson name stamped right into the face. They are available in 15-, 16-, and 17-inch diameters with many bolt pattern and backspacing options. If that wasn’t enough, the company is standing behind the wheels with a lifetime warranty against structural defects.
Information: Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

No, we aren’t turning into a men’s alternative-lifestyle magazine. We are talking about the door straps on ’07-’12 Wranglers. If you are worried about your door mirror and cowl meeting, it is time to replace those worn-out or broken fabric door straps. Don’t go back to the dealer for the same part though, check out Star Fabricating. No need to replace the wiring the Smart Strap will have you opening your doors without a care in the world in about 10 minutes. Not only are they easy to zip on over your door wiring, but they are removable and washable.
Information: Star Fabricating

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