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March 2013 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on March 1, 2013
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Go Faster
The sooner we get this out of the way, the better. We like 4WD Jeeps. We laugh at 2WD Jeeps. That said, in off-road racing sometimes a 4WD Jeep just can’t go as fast as its 2WD counterpart and keeping the factory 2WD beam front axle alive can quickly become a full-time job that requires overtime. Enter Clayton Off Road with a Jeepspeed-spec beam front axle with heavy-duty upper and lower control arm mounts and a high-steer track bar all hung off a heavy-duty DOM tube.
Information: Clayton Off Road

Coming North
Get the look and durability of an off-road race wheel with Pro Comp’s newest design, the La Paz. It features a split five-spoke design and realistic beadlock styling. The outside bead surface is extra thick for added protection off-road. The La Paz can be ordered with a complete satin black finish or in satin black with a machined outer lip. The design is inspired by the wheels used by Pro Comp’s race teams in desert and short-course off-road racing. These wheels are available in 16- and 17-inch diameters.
Information: Pro Comp USA

Rubicon Express has released a new monotube gas-charged shock with sizing for popular Jeep applications. Not only that, but the shocks are custom-tuned to Jeeps for a better ride. The shocks feature a 50mm-diameter body, a 14mm shaft, and an external wiper seal to keep the gunk out. Inside there is self-adjusting digressive valving and a self-lubricating one-piece aluminum valve guide seal. It’s all coated with Rubicon Express’ trademark silver/grey that is corrosion-resistant if you live where the weather is.
Information: Rubicon Express

Rebuild and Replace
We hate double-cardan and constant-velocity driveline joints, primarily because there is no way to service or rebuild them. That is true of all OEM shafts and many aftermarket shafts. Well, if you’ve got a Grand Cherokee or a Liberty and want to retain the constant-velocity joint when yours blows up, Rockford Driveline now has your solution. Rockford reduces repair expense by enabling the user to simply change-out the defective joint, while maintaining the balance of the OEM high-speed driveshaft.
Information: Rockford Driveline

Big Balls
Following up on its awesome ball joints, Synergy Suspension is taking its battle against death wobble to the next level. Just when you thought that 1-ton Chevy tie-rod ends were good, this happens. By eliminating the biggest wear item in a normal tie-rod end (the nylon cup), Synergy was able to fit a much bigger ball with a larger shank in the tie-rod end. A sintered metal design with grease grooves in the ball allow for better lubrication and a rip-resistant boot made from a blend of polyurethane and silicone will keep the grease in and dirt out.
Information: Synergy Suspension

DIY Trailer
If you have been looking for a trailer to tow behind your Jeep, but $10,000 is too steep and $1,000 for someone else’s 50-year-old problem trailer isn’t your ball of wax, maybe you can build your own. Dinoot Trailers offers do-it-yourself trailer kits that have Jeep-like bodies and frames so that you don’t have to cut up a whole Jeep to get the look you want. Available in Compact and Extended sizes with bolt-together and weld-together frame options, you can put together the trailer that suits your budget and skill level.
Information: Dinoot Trailers

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