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April 2013 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on April 1, 2013
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Photographers: The Manufacturers

26 Detents
The above title might sound like some wacked out rock band, but it isn’t. At least not yet. It refers to the number of stops on the Radflo External Compression Adjuster knobs. Available for both 2-inch and 2.5-inch Radflo shocks, now you can fine tune the compression cycle on your shock without the trouble of removing it and expense of shipping it off to a professional. The knob is made right here in the USA of billet aluminum and knurled for gription. Not only is it an available option on new shocks, but can be fitted to old Radflo shocks as well.
Information: Radflo Suspension Technology

Sometimes it can be hard to find replacement parts for our old, worn, and sometimes just flat-out weird Jeeps. Take the master cylinder outlet fitting for ’47-‘64 Willys pickups and wagons. Most people might just toss the factory master cylinder away and put in something more modern. No matter how obsolete, when we find someone reproducing a hard-to-find part, we feel we absolutely have to bring it to you. So when we found Mark at Obsolete Water Pump Repair making these, we had to share. Over the years brass can corrode, and the steel lines that bolt into it can wear it down. Often the fix will be a combination of parts store brass fittings. Get rid of that ugly mess and replace it with an OE-spec fitting.
Information: Obsolete Water Pump Repair

No, we aren’t picking on your momma. FAT is an acronym for Sky’s Off-Road Design’s Chevy Front Axle Truss. The truss fits Chevy front Dana 60s found under ’76-’91 trucks and provides a good place to mount control arms or other links. The 1⁄4-inch-thick USA-made steel truss is comprised of two laser-cut CNC-formed halves that are then welded together. It is also low-profile with a max height of just 7 inches from the center of the axletube. Depth is 3 inches.
Information: Sky’s Off-Road Design

Light Heavy Hauling
Not all of us want to put a heavy rear bumper/tire carrier on the back of our Jeeps. And, for the JK, getting rid of the bumper and trimming the frame is a great way to increase departure angle. But, you don’t want to be “that guy.” You know the one with no spare tire stuck on the trail with a flat. TeraFlex’s Heavy Duty Adjustable Tire Carrier & Tailgate Reinforcement Kit allows you to hang up to a 37-inch tire in the factory location on your ’07-and-up Wrangler. The base is made of cast A356.2 T6 aluminum that works in conjunction with heavy-duty hinge brackets featuring 5⁄8-inch-diameter hinge pins to carry the weight. Now you can have your departure angle and spare tire,too.
Information: TeraFlex

We are well known for not liking unnecessary electronic gee-gaws but this digital angle gauge from Swag Off Road can turn anyone into a tube-bending savant. We won’t go so far as to say it is necessary, but we’d have saved a decent amount of money over the years in mis-bent tubes if we’d had this angle gauge. Compatible with all popular manual, hydraulic, or air/hydraulic benders the U-turn bender digital readout is accurate to the tenth of a degree. If for some reason you like bending tube in the dark, the large numerals of the real-time display also features illumination.
Information: Swag Off Road

Smash Fix
Many companies offer heavy-duty lower control arm brackets for the axle side of ZJ, TJ, and XJ platforms but how many of them forget to tell you that there is no cam bolt provision? When your control arm mounts have finally had enough, check out T&T Customs. The company now offers CNC-cut and formed 3⁄16-inch-thick weld-on mounts for your Jeep. If you have an earlier Jeep and don’t have aftermarket adjustable control arms, you will need to keep your cam bolts for proper pinion and caster angles. If your factory mounts don’t have the cam bolt provision, T&T has those, too.
Information: T&T Customs

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