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Show-Stoppers - Jeep Goodies

Posted in Product Reviews on April 1, 2013
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Photographers: ManufacturersSEMA

In the same way TV can highlight the best and worst of humanity, the SEMA show can be a crapshoot of automotive trends, widgets, and new products. Only a few years ago the floors of the SEMA show were populated by flash-in-the-pan wheel manufacturers trying to outdo each other with 24-, 28-, and 30-inch gold-plated spinner wheels with horribly gaudy designs. And then the H2s came to town…with 30-inch gold-plated spinners and 12-inch IFS lifts. And we won’t even go into what the import guys were doing. It was all kinda Pauly Shore meets Jersey Shore. What’s up, buuuudy. (Side note: How’s that for a horrible TV premise, “The Pauley Shore….” Yikes!)

But in recent years, as disposable incomes have diminished and aftermarket consumers have focused their hard-earned dollars on components that actually do something, the SEMA show has settled back into what we’ve always enjoyed most about it: a showcase of the newest, freshest, coolest automotive products that can make your vehicle better, faster, safer, and more betterer. Yep, it’s back to Apollo 13 meets the Six Million Dollar Man. Here’s just a few of the cool Jeep-related things we saw that could make your Jeep build better.

Aeromotive Easy-Fit Fuel Pump
In the Jeep world, we often deal with custom fuel cells or non-stock gas tanks as well as high-pressure factory and aftermarket EFI-equipped engines. It’s always better to use an internal fuel pump, but it’s not often that easy. Aeromotive’s new Phantom Stealth Fuel System gives you an easy, no-weld way to retrofit a top-quality 340 Stealth Fuel Pump into any fuel tank or cell between 6-15 inches deep. The cut-to-fit system includes a pickup/pump assembly good for 700hp with supply, return, and vent ports, mounting ring and gasket, and foam and bladder for slosh resistance.
Information: Aeromotive

More or Less Link
Always wanted a Rubicon Express suspension system for your JK but you’re just not a fan of the radius arm design? Rubicon Express hears you. Now when you’re long-arm shopping you can select from the company’s existing radius-arm suspension, an optional four-link front, or an optional three-link rear (no rear track bar). And if you’ve already got a Rubicon Express long-arm system, the design of the new components will allow you to convert your existing system to the four-link front or three-link rear.
Information: Rubicon Express

Mickey Thompson Treads
Mickey Thompson’s new Baja ATZ P3 bridges the gap between an AT and MT to give you the off-road traction you expect from a Mickey Thompson tire with the smooth, quiet on-road ride you expect from a Mickey Thompson tire. The Sidebiter design is reminiscent of M/T tires of old, and the three-ply sidewall construction will help ensure you don’t have to drop the spare—no matter what the terrain.
Information: Mickey Thompson

WarnZ New Winch
Warn’s new ZEON winch is available in 8,000, 10,000, and 12,000 pound versions and represents a complete ground-up redesign. The hardware is stainless, the control pack can be mounted on the winch or remotely, the body is symmetrical, and the large-diameter drum is cast aluminum. Other features like a 216:1 three-stage planetary geartrain, new series-wound motor and motor housing, fully sealed electrics, and a new handle and engagement system are only a few of this sucker’s highlights.
Information: Warn

Edelbrock Easy EFI Fueling
If you’ve ever installed an aftermarket EFI system or retrofitted a factory EFI engine in your early Jeep, then you know what a pain it can be getting the fuel system plumbed. Edelbrock has developed its ingenious Universal EFI Pressure Booster System which is a fuel reservoir housing a high-pressure EFI fuel pump that can be fed via your existing low-pressure manual or electric fuel pump. The Edelbrock pump pump will deliver 45-60 psi to your factory or aftermarket fuel system with no return line needed. Plus, the self-contained pump/reservoir system retains about a gallon of fuel to keep your engine running if you uncover the main tank pickup while operating at severe angles.
Information: Edelbrock

ARB Intense LEDs
What if you could take the bug-zapping power of a race HID and couple with low-draw LED technology? What nothing. ARB’s new Intense LED lights offer everything you could want except for a low price. The lens is bulletproof polycarbonate, the internals are military-spec so you’ll never rattle them apart when off-roading, and the body is 304 stainless so it’ll last forever. The 32 LED bulbs per light come in spot or driving style and draw only 6.25 amps while chucking out 8,200 Lumens for daylight anytime of the night.
Information: ARB

G2 Axle Stuff
In addition to a new Dana 44 centersection and new axle assemblies, which we’ll be showing you more of soon, G2 Axle & Gear was showing off its new Placer Gold front and rear axleshafts that are forged from 4340 chromoly right here in the USA. They feature rolled, not cut, splines, induction hardening, and gold zinc plating for corrosion resistance; the front shafts feature reinforced material around the yoke area and are machined for full-circle clips.
Information: G2 Axle & Gear

Smittybilt XJ Cladding
If you’re an east-coast guy, then you can use ’em to hide the big, gaping rust holes in your XJ’s lower body. If you’re a smug, rust-free west-coaster, then you can use ’em to keep your XJ’s rust-free lower body pristine and wrinkle-free. And everybody in between can use ’em for any reason in between. Point is, now you can buy cut-and-formed Smittybilt XRC body cladding for your ’84-’01 two- or four-door XJ for less than $200. The plates attach with marine-grade button-head screws and feature a textured matte black powdercoat finish.
Information: Smittybilt

Dynatrac Light ProRock 80
Dynatrac’s all-American ProRock 80 rear axle assembly offers a massive 11.25-inch ring gear, a 37-spline pinion, and monster 40-spline full-floating axleshafts into a package that’s only 30 lbs heavier than a ProRock Dana 60. And thanks to its special high-clearance centersection, the ground clearance isn’t bad either. What about a ProRock 80 front? Rumor is it’s coming with massive U-joints and burly knuckles. We’ll keep ya posted.
Information: Dynatrac

Auto Meter Jeep Gauges
Got a YJ with dead factory gauges? Who doesn’t? Auto Meter has offered its replacement YJ bezels that let you mount five 21⁄16-inch and two 33⁄8-inch aftermarket gauges for a while now. But now the company can offer its gauges to fill those bezels with a genuine licensed “Jeep” logo on the face.
Information: Auto Meter

Flex-A-Lite XJ Radiator
The 4.0L is a big, long engine and by the time the coolant circulates back to the Number 6 cylinder, it has its work cut out keeping that end of the block cool. Add to that the fact even the newest XJ cooling system is 12 years old and the stock electric fan frequently breaks and the mechanical fan sucks power and mpg, and Flex-a-lite’s new high-efficiency aluminum radiator with triple electric fans looks mighty sweet. It bolts in ’87-’01 XJ and MJ vehicles with the 4.0L inline six with no cutting, drilling, or fabrication.
Information: Flex-a-lite

Smog-Legal Hemi Swap
Chevy Performance rocked the world a couple years ago with its OBD1 smog-legal engine conversion packages based on production 5.3L and 6.2L engines. Now, it looks like Chrysler is finally getting in on the action with its own S.S.H. (Street Spec Hemi) emissions-compliant 5.7L Hemi package. No word on pricing yet, but what’s included is a 375hp/400lb-ft VVT 5.7L Hemi, engine wiring harness, an engine control module, exhaust manifolds, two catalytic converters, four O2 sensors, an electronic accelerator pedal, and an EVAP canister.
Information: Mopar Performance
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