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May 2013 New Products

T And T Customs Bumper
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted May 1, 2013
Photographers: The Manufacturers

The Latest Goodies For Your Jeep

Bump Guard
With the best approach angle of any bolt-on bumper currently available for the ’07-and-up Wrangler, T&T Customs Guardian front bumper might be what you are looking for. It packs a lot of features into a small package with both standard integrated tow/recovery points and auxiliary light mounts. Made from CNC-cut-and-formed 3⁄16-inch-thick plate, the bumper also has provisions for a low-mounted winch (keeping the motor and solenoid package below the grille) that helps the engine run cooler. The bumpers ship powdercoated black and are completely manufactured in the USA.
Information: T&T Customs

If you are that prepared guy that actually takes extra fluids wheeling, you’ll appreciate this product. If you aren’t that prepared guy, this product takes away one of your excuses. No longer do you have to suffer through loose, leaking containers smacking around the inside of your Jeep. The TG6 by Trail-Gear holds six 1-quart bottles of fluid neatly and with style. CNC laser-cut and formed from 16-gauge steel and the top features a safety latch with a breaking force rating of 200 pounds that will prevent the fluids from accidentally becoming airborne. Pre-drilled holes allow you to either bolt or weld the TG6 to your Jeep and it ships raw and ready to paint.
Information: Trail-Gear

Sky’s the Limit
If you are building a front Dana 60 and you are concerned about the strength of some of the high-steer arms out there, check these out. From Sky Off-Road Design, these kingpin Dana 60 arms are CNC-machined from 1018 cold drawn steel, and use the strong and popular five-stud design to work with stock, Reid, and many other aftermarket knuckles. The arms are of a non-spring-type design; preload adjusters and T1 bushing wear plate are both included. The arms can be used in double- or single-shear configurations and feature camber correction to set the arms flat with the axle.
Information: Sky’s Off-Road Design

Steering Rainbow
If you’ve been putting off buying aftermarket steering parts because they weren’t available in the finish you wanted, maybe now is the time to take the plunge. Flaming River now offers powdercoating in a vast array of colors on many of their products. Obviously steering columns can be had with powder, but items such as rack and pinions, steering boxes, and steering column accessories like steering drops and mounts. The company has a color book available to help you select a color to complement your Jeep’s interior or exterior.
Information: Flaming River

With Trasborg’s proclivity towards burning electrical things, we hesitate to use “smoking” as a title, but it is an apt description for the base price of these LED lights. These new lights from Super Bright LEDs feature either an IP67 or IP68 rating and are available in sizes from 4-inchdiameter all the way up to a 21-inch-long light bar. And, anyway you cut it, a base price of $39.95 is a smoking deal. The lights are available in many different beam patterns from flood to spot and many different lumen outputs from 300 all the way up to 5,400. The housings are aluminum and the lens polycarbonate for superior wear and impact resistance.
Information: Super Bright LEDs

High Flattie
It was just over a year ago that we found Poison Spyder’s new flatfender-esque DeFender armored fenders, and we really liked the look of them. Well, the company has released an XC line of fenders for the TJ and YJ Wranglers which provides even more clearance to allow for fitment of bigger tires with even less lift. Like the regular DeFender, the XC series can be had in your choice of 3⁄16-inch-thick steel or aluminum. The wheel opening is 3 inches higher and 21⁄2 inches wider than competitor’s tube fender wheel openings. Not only are they lighter than tube fenders, but they are available in a variety of flare widths, and inner fenders are available for that finished look.
Information: Poison Spyder Customs

Trend Breaking
In a day and age where LED and HID are all the rage for lighting it is strange to see a company bring a filament-based light to market. But that is exactly what FYRLYT did and they did a smashing job of it. The 8-inchdiameter light has a lot of features that should have been part of auxiliary lighting all along. Features such as a reflector tuned to work with a filament, a quickly replaceable lens, and an integrated quick-change bulb and heat sink. Unlike any other light we’ve ever seen, the beam pattern can be switched from “spot” to “spread” by just pushing and turning the bulb housing. A Gore-Tex breather allows the housing to breath while helping to keep water out, and the alloy base is billet aluminum.
Information: FYRLYT

Dual Nemesis
New from Nemesis Industries is a dual battery tray for ’07-’11 Wranglers (’12-and-up should be available by the time you read this). Manufactured from 3⁄16-inch-thick aluminum, and CNC-cut and formed, the unique battery positioning allows for more space on the passenger side of the engine compartment. This results in more airflow for cooler, longerlasting batteries as well as more space to work on the engine. The bracket provides for proper support of the remainder of the factory air box and allows mounting of the TIPM and EGR valve. Provisions are also included for Painless Performance’s wiring isolator kit.
Information: Nemesis Industries

Stiffer Stiffener
Unless your Jeep has been wrecked, we tend to suggest formed-steel frame stiffeners for Unitbody Jeeps. So we were happy to see that T&T Customs is now offering a front Unitbody Stiffener made from 3⁄16-inchthick steel plate. They are CAD-designed and CNC-cut, then put in a monster press and formed under immense pressure. This method of building stiffeners is less likely to bend than flat plates and will never crack.They are designed to be welded-on and are available in raw steel.
Information: T&T Customs

The new long-arm suspension system for ’07-and-up Wranglers from Rancho Suspension can be had in either black or red powdercoat and is jam-packed with cool features. Front heavy-wall radius arms team with a four-link and track bar for a complete long-arm solution. Out back a heavy-duty track bar bracket is included in addition to a new crossmember and required frame-side mounts. Unlike some other suspensions out there, this one not only includes coils and shocks but also front and rear extended flexible stainless brake lines, longer sway bar end links, and a drop pitman arm. For ’12 and ’13 Wranglers, Rancho has a crossover pipe to complete the needed exhaust modifications.
Information: Tenneco

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