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40th Anniversary 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Pro Comp Suspension

Posted in Project Vehicles on September 1, 2002 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Marty Fiolka

Last month we launched our Four Wheeler 40th Anniversary Toyota Tacoma project truck. One lucky reader not only will win it, but will be invited to use it to chase the BFGoodrich/Toyota unlimited Class 1 team as it races down the legendary Baja peninsula during this year's SCORE Baja 1000. If you recall, we took our four-wheel-drive Tacoma to new heights of torque and power with the addition of a complete TRD Sportparts package that included a stainless-steel header and exhaust system, a high-flow air filter, and best of all, a supercharger system.

Now it was time to look at our Toyota's suspension. The thought of turning our BFGoodrich Toyota into a real prerunner with huge travel did cross our minds, but reality intervened and gave us the sense that we'd be better off going with a moderate lift that would provide excellent day-in, day-out usability.

What then, to do about the suspension system? The answer came from our friends at Pro Comp in Chula Vista, California. Pro Comp offered us an opportunity to test its potent new component package that combines the company's very popular 4-inch lift kit with a brand-new RaceRunner coilover shock in front and its breakthrough Monotube MX-6 units in the rear. Sounded pretty good. While we were there, we also decided to add a set of Pro Comp rear traction bars and stainless-steel skidplate.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
Pro Comp Tacoma pickup 4wd System: $1,902.60
Pro Comp rear traction bars: $283.41
Pro Comp rear traction bar mounting kit: $161.57
Pro Comp stainless-steel skidplate: $200.57
Pro Comp MX-6 shocks (each): $119.00
Pro Comp coilover front shocks: Call for info

Our objective? To add some aggressive good looks, provide additional space for a larger set of BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires, and give our Toyota the benefits of much better shocks and suspension-but with one important caveat. We wanted to maintain the Tacoma's legendary reliability while preserving the truck's original suspension geometry and drivetrain angles. No breaking down in the middle of Baja for us, or for you.

While Pro Comp recommends that these kits be installed by a trained Pro Comp dealer technician, weekend warriors install almost 20 percent of the kits the company sells. Like the installation of the TRD blower and exhaust system, this type of suspension modification takes time, patience, skill and all the right tools. A detailed set of instructions, a car hoist, and the never-ending help of our Pro Comp technicians made our job that much easier. For all those with the skills to take this on, the kit really fits beautifully-but schedule a whole weekend to do the job.

As soon as our completed Tacoma came off the hoist, we knew our choice for the Pro Comp 4-inch lift was just right-tall enough to be aggressive and give us the stance we wanted, but not so tall as to be a rollover waiting to happen. Now it's time to add some bigger, more aggressive BFGoodrich rubber, a set of great looking custom wheels, and some external goodies to make our package even more complete. Then we'll turn it loose to Molly Designs for paint and graphics.

Don't forget to enter our special Four Wheeler 40th Anniversary contest! After all, this truck could be yours.

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Front Suspension Cont...

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The final touch at the front comes when we install the Pro Comp skidplate. Installation is quick and easy, and begins with a simple front mount attached in stock threaded locations. Both the mount and bottom plate are finished in the same powdercoat color to match the rest of the suspension. The front plate is made of good-looking stainless steel.

Rear Suspension

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Here we're getting ready to fit our Pro Comp traction bars. Nicely finished in a sprinkled gray powdercoat, these bars are another great addition to keep our truck working well in the desert.

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