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1971 Chevy Suburban - Project SuperBurb - Part V

Posted in Project Vehicles on July 30, 2004 Comment (0)
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"Its alive!" That's what we exclaimed, with extreme giddiness, as our GM Performance Parts HT 383 V-8 finally, and at long last, roared to life and settled into a happy idle. Now we know the pride and happiness that Dr. Frankenstein must have felt as his creation came to life and began to stumble around his laboratory. Yes, it is actually running and capable of being driven, which is a major relief for a project that has taken lots of time.

With the usual lack of funds, an actual life to live, and, worst of all, a magazine to try to contend with, our Project SuperBurb has been on the back burner. This sad fact meant that it usually only gets attention on the rare weekend we are not working, or in the middle of the night when work worries keep us from sleeping. So now nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than being able to turn the key and listen to our stroker V-8 roar to life and rattle our neighbors' windows.

In this final shot of our engine bay, you can see the GM Performance Parts HT 383 V-8 and how it all wound up. Dropping the engine in wasn't hard. Finishing off all the details to make it fire and run was hard.

A few issues back we showed you the rough details of our drivetrain swap. We had put the HT 383 V-8 into position, snuggled up to a stout NV4500 five-speed manual from Advance Adapters. With the new drivetrain in place, we thought we were pretty much done. But we quickly learned that the seeming minor details of a swap take the most time. Unfortunately, we still had plenty of work to do. Now, with all those details finally handled and our Suburban actually capable of moving under its own power, we decided to fill you in on our story so far. And don't worry-we're not done with Super 'Burb, so there's more to come.

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PhotosView Slideshow

The exhaust system came with these fully welded Maximum Flow mufflers, also from Hooker. They produce more flow than a straight 2 1/2-inch pipe and we like their fully welded construction.

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Summit Racing
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