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Here is our 3-inch front lift kit. The stock Lexus front coilover shocks feature adjustable damping and are easily up to controlling 33-inch tires. Stock tires measure 30.5. The bottom mounting eye is part of a 2-inch-long, 5/8-inch-diameter shaft that extends to the shock body. We simply cut the shaft in two, did some careful measuring, and then machined a 21/4-inch spacer which press fit into the two stubs. We then welded the assembly into a solid piece and voila!, 3 inches of lift at the axle hub. The rear lift is already built in with the GX470's air-ride rear suspension, which, on its "high" setting, lifts the vehicle 3 inches. With our 3-inch front lift, the rig sits level and fits 33s with no problem.