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Here is a shot of our 3-inch lift kit installed. We had the truck realigned and everything fell into spec, no problem. At stock height, the axleshafts actually went "up" from the diff to the hub. Now they slope slightly down (like normal) nd are far from binding in any position. Note the huge anti-roll bar tube in the foreground. That is part of Lexus' new-for'04 Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS.) It's an automatic disconnect system. When the suspension is articulated, the anti-roll bar mounts float hydraulically and force fluid front to rear and vice versa, forcing opposite tires down. The system makes a difference, as our '04 FWOTY RRI test proved. The '04 rig ramped a 519, while the '03 tester without KDSS could only twist to 428.