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Lexus GX 470 - Project TraiLex, Part 3

Posted in Project Vehicles on April 1, 2005 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Jon Thompson

Project TraiLex, Part 1
Project TraiLex, Part 2
Project TraiLex, Part 3
Project TraiLex, Part 4

Readers following our Project TraiLex from Part 1 will remember that our original goal was to perform some typical, mild trail modifications to a Lexus GX 470 and take it over the Rubicon Trail. Sort of a we-told-you-this-vehicle-was-a-capable-trailmobile project in response to all the heat we took for picking a Lexus as our Four Wheeler of the Year winner two years in a row.

So now we've had our Lexus project for over a year. We've performed all the modifications that were covered in Parts 1 and 2, and we've 'wheeled the thing over a lot of trails, including the famed Rubicon. In this article, we'd like to share some pictures we took of our trip over the 'Con.

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What is the future for Project TraiLex? The good folks at Lexus have told us we can keep it a while longer--as long as we continue to 'wheel it and show it off at various runs. Sounds like a deal to us! We may still try to lock up the front diff and change the gearing if products become available. We've had a blast building and driving it. The looks it gets on the trail and the street are priceless. The only problem is after being spoiled by all this luxury in a vehicle that can still conquer a reasonably rough trail, our personal trail ride(s) are feeling pretty crude and uncomfortable! It will be hard to give it up.

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Project TraiLex, Part 1
Project TraiLex, Part 2
Project TraiLex, Part 3
Project TraiLex, Part 4


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