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2004 Nissan Titan - Project Titan, Part 3

Posted in Project Vehicles on November 1, 2005 Comment (0)
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After we packed our project Titan with power-adding goodies, we decided to test them out while patrolling the dunes at the annual Thanksgiving convergence at Glamis, California. Having the extra power underhood helped us to rescue this stuck driver.

Project Titan, Part 1
Project Titan, Part 2
Project Titan, Part 3
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Project Titan, Part 5

Nissan's entry into the competitive fullsize American pickup arena hasn't escaped our notice. Between driving an '04 Titan LE during a year-long evaluation and building up the Project Titan you see here, we've gained a lot more knowledge about this truck. As such, we've decided to shift things a little and transform our Titan into a Top Truck Challenge-ready show-stopper for this fall's SEMA gathering. The plan is to modify our '04 test unit until it's the equivalent of an average TTC rig, as though we were planning to compete in it ourselves.

For you daily drivers who don't subscribe to TTC-styled rigs, don't worry. Nissan has given us a second Project Titan to build with the average Joe in mind. We're going to call the buildups "Mild 2 Wild Titans." In this twin series, we'll showcase some of the most innovative products the industry has to offer for the Titan, while at the same time providing interesting fabrication ideas and tips that are applicable to just about any fullsize truck. We'll have more on that in our next installment. For now, check out what we did just before taking the blowtorch to our project Titan.

The low-restriction, 3-inch straight-through Monster muffler more than doubles the stock muffler flow and provides an authoritative exhaust sound.

With the added weight of 35-inch Pro Comp tires, our Titan was feeling a little sluggish, so we contacted the folks at Gale Banks Engineering to obtain and install an after-cat exhaust system to help wake up our truck. It has a 3-inch straight-through polished-stainless Monster muffler, a Monster Y-pipe and tailpipe, and a 5-inch double-wall tailpipe tip with a rolled edge. And it looks stunning too.

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Computer Upgrade
Next we decided to take our Titan over to the computer wizards at JET Performance. JET has been in business for over 35 years building programmers, chips, and performance modules for all types of vehicles. For the '04-'05 Nissan Titan, JET simply reprograms the OE computer for better performance, but first it has to be removed from the vehicle. To do this, you have to remove the battery from the truck, then unfasten the electrical distribution/fuse pod from the top/back side of the passenger-side inner fender. It's kind of difficult to do unless you remove the plastic inner fenderwell. Be careful not to destroy the little retention clips. Four small bolts secure the computer to a support bracket. Those are also difficult to get to. It seems Nissan didn't intend for end-users to go tampering with the factory computer.

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Project Titan, Part 1
Project Titan, Part 2
Project Titan, Part 3
Project Titan, Part 4
Project Titan, Part 5


Gale Banks Engineering
Azusa, CA 91702
Optima Battery
Milwaukee, WI 53209


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