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1992 Ford F-150 4x4 Truck - Project Fiery Red Head Part 11

Posted in Project Vehicles on December 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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Fourteen years takes a vicious toll on a truck. Even on the interior. When we plunked down the cash for our project '92 F-150, the carpet was threadbare and stained in spots, the seats were worn and semi-dilapidated, and the right side of the dashboard was literally falling off the firewall (a common problem with this era F-Series). Initially, we reattached the dash and cleaned the interior as best we could, but there was still one problem: the worn interior looked horrible and it smelled the same way. The reality was that the previous owner had ignored the interior for so long, odor and dirt had permeated the carpet and seats to a point where no amount of cleaning and even vast amounts of spray cologne (we were desperate) could overpower the foul odor created by years of use. Did we mention the seats and carpet looked horrible?

Well, thanks to help from the folks at Stylin' Concepts, the Redhead now has a brand-new interior--with a twist. Stylin' has been around for more than 20 years, so they know what they're talking about when it comes to automotive accessories. In addition, they offer a wide range of products from more than 300 vendors. After the knowledgeable staff at Stylin' listened to our story, they recommended that we install some brand-new Outland truck seats by Smittybilt and new molded Pro-Line replacement carpet by Nifty. They assured us that these two items would make spending time in the cab of our truck a much more pleasant experience. When we told them we also wanted to quiet the interior of our truck with sound deadener similar to what we've seen audiophiles use (that's the twist), they surprised us by saying that they stock just what we needed--Boom Mat Performance Acoustical Material by Design Engineering.

With our shopping done in one convenient stop, we had Stylin' ship all of the components to the Redhead's Official Buildup Shop, Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights, Illinois, where the Attitude team installed all of our new stuff while we shot photos.

The result? We're delighted. The new interior has completely eliminated the funky "used truck" odor and look; the Outland seating is outstanding and far more comfortable than the stock seats; the carpet is bright and pleasing to look at; and the Boom Mat has radically decreased interior road noise. In addition, we're enjoying increased interior storage and a pair of cup holders, thanks to the multitasking center seat/console. Follow along as we highlight some of the steps in this easy and effective upgrade.


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Attitude Performance
Arlington Heights, IL
Stylin' Concepts


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