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December 2006 Letters To The Editor

September 2006 Cover
Posted December 1, 2006

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Reader: Hmm, 4x2s playing with 4x4s ("Letter of the Month," Sept. '06)? I've been down this road in my mind many times. I even had a two-wheel-drive truck that I thought might be fun to fix up a bit. I never did, though, and here is the reason why:

There once was a place here in Utah where I loved to go 'wheeling my 4x4 Toyota. It was a road/trail that you could travel clear to the end and rarely spin a tire-in four-wheel drive. I noticed over time that this road was getting increasingly torn up between visits. It baffled me. What could be the cause? Then one day I was 'wheeling and came across a 4x2 beating the snot out of his truck-and tearing the road up to boot. Point? This road was gated and closed a short time later.

If you have four-wheel drive, use it! If you don't, you need to Tread Lightly!-or stay off the trail.
Bill Ward

Reader: In your last long-term report of the Toyota Tacoma (Sept. '06) you mentioned your desire for a hybrid Tacoma. According to what I've heard, Toyota will have a hybrid in each of their model lines by 2010. Whether this will include their trucks, we'll have to wait and see ... so it may be coming!
Paul Yelk

Editor: We, too, have heard the recent rumors floating about a Tacoma hybrid, possibly for model year 2010 as you mention. On the other hand, our last conversations with Toyota product planners left us with the impression that a hybrid pickup truck wasn't high on their priority list for the near future ... so as you say, we'll have to wait and see.

Reader: Great magazine! I own an '01 Ford F-250 diesel with a 12-inch lift and 40-inch tires. I'm trying to figure out what axle gears I should install. I will be towing a trailer.

Editor: Here's the simple formula: Divide your new tire diameter by your old tire diameter. Then take that number, and multiply it by your current gear ratio. The result is approximately the new ratio you'll need ... and what are you gonna tow with a 12-inch lift, anyway?

Reader: I wanted to know what upcoming issue of your magazine will feature the 2006 Real Truck Club Challenge, and when the video will be released?
Mary Colangelo

Editor: Coverage of Real Truck Club Challenge happens in the April '07 issue. The RTCC video should be available just about the time you read this.

Reader: I was just wondering if y'all had heard anything about Dodge putting the new Cummins 6.7 in the Power Wagon. I've read quite a bit about the P/W, and think it is one of the best trucks available. However, I would like to see one with the Cummins. Thanks for producing a great magazine.
Leon Griffin
Suffolk, VA

Editor: No news as yet from DaimlerChrysler on this ... but we'd guess it's a safe bet we'll see some kind of option in the next few years.

Reader: I would like to get some information about opening an off-road vehicle park. I'd appreciate it if you could put me in touch with someone who can help me out with all the details.
Adam Woods

Editor: If you can stand to wait for a few months, we will be covering this very subject in an upcoming article. If you want some answers right away, log onto United Four-Wheel Drive Associations' Web site (, check out their list of members-which includes a number of the bigger and better-known ORV parks-and start sending out some queries.

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