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February 2007 Letters To The Editor

2002 Ford Ranger
Posted February 1, 2007

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Reader: I own an '02 Ford Ranger and am interested in customizing it. I think your "Project RangeRunner" is totally awesome! I was wondering if you could provide me with some info on the make of the pushbar and front-end setup on the FX4. Any additional info on the project would be great too. I would dream to have a Ranger that was anything like the one you guys built.
Dirt Racer Mike

Reader: Hi, I was reading an article on the RangeRunner, and I was wondering about the tube bumper guard that was originally on it before the build. I have looked all over for one like it, but cannot find it. I'd like something similar with the Baja/prerunner look to it, but which can still be bolted on with the stock bumper. Thanks in advance!
Nick Byrd

Editor: Tech Editor Holman says: The original lightbar is available from RCD Suspension ( and is designed to mount on the factory bumper. The new lightbar was fabricated by Aaron Dixon ( for the project. Past stories on the buildup can be found at

Reader: I have an '86 Jeep Wagoneer and I need a good mechanic to work on the transmission and four-wheel-drive system. I will travel wherever I can to get this done.
John Thompson
Inglewood, CA

Editor: We're a little leery about recommending a specific mechanic as different wrenches at different shops will have differing levels of expertise with your particular vehicle. But at least you're in a good location-there is no shortage of competent 4x4 shops in the SoCal area. We'd recommend you ask some other Jeep owners in your neighborhood (or workplace, or on the trail, or wherever else you run into them), check out the Yellow Pages for Jeep-specific 4x4 shops, and you'll likely find a capable wrench who can help.

Reader: How come no articles on Samurais? There are a lot of them out there. Guess Suzuki doesn't buy ads, huh?
P. J. Shufeldt, Sr.
Louisville, KY

Editor: Actually, Suzuki does advertise in this magazine on occasion, and a recent installment of our "Weak Links, Strong Fixes" series (Feb. '06) focused specifically on ways to build up Samurais.

Reader: Hey editors, it's been exactly 10 years since the first Top Truck Challenge, and I was curious if you guys have any plans to hold a special version of TTC where you'd invite each winner from the past to come and compete against each other.
Mike Forbes

Editor: Actually, it's been 14 years since the first TTC, and yes, we have discussed a Top Truck Champions' Challenge, or something similar. The only thing that has held us back has been a lack of time and resources to pull it off, but it's still something we'd like to do in the future, and we're certainly not ruling it out.

Reader: I was wondering if I could get a copy of the March '06 issue with your "Weak Links" article on Suzuki Samurais. Do you know where I could get it? It would be very helpful because I'm currently building a Sami.

Editor: You can get back issues by either logging on to, or by writing to Primedia Back Issues, 2900 Amber Lane, Corona, CA 92882. Cost for each issue is $6 plus $3 shipping (ouch! Hey, we don't set the rates). Be sure to specify which magazine you're looking for, and the specific issue you want.

Reader: I'm a Marine mom, and my son Jason has been home in Illinois for two weeks before he heads out to Iraq. He mentioned that one of your editors had been on his LAV (or Light Armor Vehicle) and took several pics for an upcoming feature. He thought it would be appearing soon. I don't want to miss the issue, and I was wondering if you could tell me when it will be running-if I haven't missed it already?
Valerie Gerringer

Editor: Not to worry-our story about a "trail ride" at Camp Lejeune with some of Uncle Sam's 'Wheelers will appear soon in an upcoming issue. Thanks for writing.

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