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Project 2005 Nissan Nismo Frontier, Part 6: Suspension

Front View
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted April 1, 2007
Photographers: Ken Brubaker, Courtesy of Calmini

Part 6: Suspension R&D + Testing = Results

Our Nismo Frontier has gathered a sizable fan base in the last two years. Reader feedback is never without praise for our midsize project and its bolt-on nature. However, we're often questioned about which suspension system we installed under our Nismo. Unfortunately our response is not always what people expect, let alone want to hear. You see, when we were in the market for a lift kit, the Frontier platform was new from the ground up, and suspension options were extremely limited. This was a royal pain in the rear for us because we wanted to improve the stock setup. So instead of getting mad about it, we converted our frustration into progress, volunteering our truck as a guinea pig to a select few aftermarket suspension manufacturers, hoping to jumpstart our favorite midsize platform in that particular area of upgrades.

First, we dropped the vehicle off at Calmini of Bakersfield, California. Calmini specializes in the import market and jumped at the opportunity to mock up an affordable cosmetic drop-bracket-style lift kit for us. The kit Calmini prototyped, although not intended to drastically improve trail performance, did raise the vehicle 5 inches, which allowed fitment of 33-inch tires. Along with the improvement in ride height came an additional inch of ground clearance, thanks to an intelligently designed lower front crossmember.


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Next, we dropped our project off with the capable designers of Total Chaos Fabrication of Corona, California. Total Chaos is well known for building high-quality long-travel suspension systems for desert racers and prerunners. After about a week with these go-fast experts, a new tubular upper control arm was refined and fit-tested on our truck.

Finally, we decided to consult our friends in the R&D department at Light Racing for a much needed "mobility improvement session." These guys are all about secondary suspension (air bumps), and the products they build are second to none. Our session resulted in a new application for Light Racing's sweet new Compact Jounce shock line. We like Jounce Shocks because they allow increased speed and mobility by removing the harshness from a bottom-out event. Light Racing's engineers used our truck to design, fabricate, and test a set of mounting brackets for the new system.

The results of all our time and energy are significant to Frontier owners because now there are actually a few suspension options available for public consumption.


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Toyo Tires
Total Chaos Fabrication
Corona, CA 92880
Deaver Spring
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Light Racing Div. of Specialty Products Company
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