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April 2007 Letters To The Editor

January 2007 Cover
Posted April 1, 2007

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All letters become the property of Four Wheeler, and we reserve the right to edit them for length, accuracy, and clarity. The editorial department also can be reached through the Web site at Due to the volume of mail, electronic and otherwise, we cannot respond to every reader, but we do read everything.

Reader: First, let me say that Four Wheeler is a top-notch rag. You guys are great! Your content is always a step above the rest, and the mag is always a truly enjoyable read. To that end, I know you guys always have someone writing in to bitch about something or another, so I'm not going to take that approach. I wanted to write in about the 383 top-end kit ("What's New," Jan. '07), or rather, its description.

Your description of this particular assembly reads: "This kit comes with all the vital components you need to turn your short-block into a bad-to-the-bone, stroked 383." While I completely agree that this kit is indeed an awesome kit, there is nothing there that is going to help with the "383" part of the equation because there is no crankshaft present. While I agree that this is nitpicking to the utmost degree, I'm sure that more than a few of your readers are just starting out with their own buildups, and I wouldn't want them to think that merely swapping intakes, heads, a cam, and a timing chain set onto your standard short-block assembly would give them the 383 that they were looking for.

In closing, whether this letter gets printed or not, you guys still have the best 4x4 rag around, and I will continue to look for mods and parts for my '90 XJ in your pages. Thanks, guys, and keep up the great work!
Mike Bronenkamp

Editor: Your nits have been properly picked with us. Sometimes, it's the most obvious detail that gets overlooked, and in this case ... well, you are right on the money. Thanks for the catch.

Reader: Just noticed your remarks in "RPM" (Jan. '07) about the new '07 Cummins diesel. You listed it as a 6.7L V-8 when it is actually still an inline six-cylinder. According to my Chrysler rep, it is actually a bored-out 5.9L.
Josh Martin

Editor: Yep, you're right, and quite a lot of you readers caught this obvious goof. Guess we have to chalk it up to holiday brain fade, but thanks to all who wrote in to point it out.

Reader: I was wondering how someone could get their new invention in your magazine.
Name unavailable

Editor: Simple. Send us a press release, along with a photo of your handiwork and contact information, to "What's New," Four Wheeler, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Reader: I bought a subscription to Four Wheeler several months ago. I received a DVD called Extreme Four Wheeling: Top Truck Challenge, and was under the impression it was a free gift for buying the subscription. I also received a gold coin. However, I do not want the DVD and would like to return it, but I don't have the box it came in. How do you want me to return it? I have the Postage Paid return label that I received in a letter from the company. Thank you for your time.
Nobie Violante
Snow Hill, MD

Editor: According to U.S. Postal Code (Title 39, Sec. 3009), if you don't have the box that the video originally came in, you can either throw the DVD away, or simply keep it at no charge. Sure, you could always box it up, stick the return label on it and send it back, but why bother? Whatever you choose to do, always remember that any unsolicited gifts that you receive in the mail are yours to keep, free of charge. It's the law.

Reader: I was wondering what issue you ran the "Weak Links, Strong Fixes" on the Cherokee XJ? I had it, but lost it. Also, have you run any tech articles on installing a suspension lift on XJs? If so, what issue?
James Jackson

Editor: We haven't covered any Cherokee XJ suspension tech lately, though we did mention the subject in brief in our "Weak Links" article, which appeared in the June '06 issue. Back issues can be obtained by writing to Primedia Back Issues, 2900 Amber Lane, Corona, CA 92882, or by logging onto Total cost is $9 per magazine, and be sure to specify the exact month and year of the issue you're looking for.

Reader: I sent some pics to you in reference to doing an article in your magazine on my truck. I hadn't heard anything and was wondering what you thought.
Chuck Overby

Editor: We receive hundreds of reader submissions every month, and it may take us several weeks to get around to any given letter or submission. If your truck is truly feature-worthy, don't worry-we'll get in touch with you eventually. Otherwise, we'll try to fit it in our "Readers' Rigs" column whenever space permitsbut be patient either way.

Reader: I was just wondering if you know of a "Baja" or "off-road" race in which there exists a completely stock class? That is to say, everything is stock aside from the rollbar and other driver safety equipment?

Editor: Not exactly, but SCORE International-the sanctioning body for the big-daddy Baja 1000-already has something that's pretty close. The Stock Full class-for fullsize trucks-only mandates a rollcage, fuel cell, and some basic safety equipment such as helmets, safety harnesses, and fire extinguishers. Of course, your cage has got to be built to certain specs (e.g., 4340 chromoly), but all in all, it's a great way to get into racing without having to spend a small fortune building a custom rig from the ground up. See "How to Race at Baja, and Win" on page 64 for more details.

Reader: I own an '84 Ford Ranger with the 2.8L V-6 and five-speed tranny. The shifter is quite sloppy, and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on how to solve this problem.
Rick Mueller

Editor: Hmmm, you're driving a 22-year-old truck with the original powertrain .... This is just a wild guess, but could it be time to replace some shift components, or have the entire tranny rebuilt?

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