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Project Nissan Nismo Frontier Snorkel Install

Drivers Side View
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted June 1, 2007

Part 7: Keeping our intake high and dry with a snorkel install

A snorkel provides a direct route for clean air near the vehicle's roofline to feed the factory airbox. This benefits your rig because air flowing from a lower point in the airstream is usually much dirtier, clogging up air filters with ease. Factory air inlets are also frequently prone to water intrusion due to their location (e.g., inside the fenderwell, behind the grille). A snorkel, when properly installed, typically negates any chance of water finding its way into the combustion chamber. Watch as we demonstrate how easy it is to equip a rig with a new Airtec Snorkel from TJM of Australia. A special thanks to our friends at Triple-X Traction of Seaside, California, who took on this task with our Nismo Frontier.


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