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1992 Ford F-150 - Project Fiery Redhead

Side View Shop
Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted August 1, 2007

Part XII: Body Language (Part 1)

Rust: we hate it. Unfortunately for us, our Midwest-based '92 F-150 was sporting quite a bit of the cursed stuff. Not only that, but it seems that somewhere along the line the previous owner had sent the truck to a hack body shop for a low-buck redo, so there was a shocking amount of rapidly cracking body filler partying with the corrosion. We couldn't take it anymore.

A significant amount of time was spent disassembling the truck before the buildup began. During the disassembly phase, Vintage Iron & Design owner Wells bagged and labeled each and every removed piece of hardware to ensure nothing got misplaced or mixed up. Here, body technician Jon Wise DA's the cab just before reassembly began.

Our first call was to Erick Wells at Vintage Iron & Design in Monroe, Wisconsin. Wells is an expert body and paint technician who also happens to be a 'wheeler. He has a reputation for quality work, and he's well-versed in all disciplines of bodywork from standard collision repair and complete restorations to off-the-hook custom painting of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles ... well, you name it. After thoroughly inspecting our rig, Wells gravely agreed with us that the Redhead was one rusty wench. We outlined that we wanted the rust to go away, but we also noted that first and foremost, the Redhead is a work truck. Wells understood and recommended replacing the rusty and dented body panels before applying a tough paint job that would look great while withstanding our abuse.

When it came to body panels it was a no-brainer to call the folks at LMC Truck. LMC is an established company that has been in business for more than 20 years. If you've never laid eyes on LMC's catalogs, you need to, because they're a sight to behold for truck fans. The folks at LMC offer tens of thousands of standard and hard-to-find parts for all major makes and models of trucks. In addition, they also offer a full line of accessories. It's safe to say that you could almost build a complete truck from the parts inventory, from windshield glass and trim to bed bolts. All of the replacement body parts we ordered were made from quality steel overseas. In our opinion, the fit and finish of all the parts were as good as OEM. That's impressive. Not only is it convenient to order from LMC, but the prices are right. If OEM body-part prices scare the heck out of you, LMC Truck prices will take you to your happy place.


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