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21 4x4 Trail Mistakes - Carnival Of Carnage

Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted August 1, 2007
Photographers: The Readers of Four Wheeler

21 Tales Of The Trail Gone Wrong

Just when you think you have it bad, along comes a story full of stucks to prove that things probably really aren't that bad. Like some of these folks you could be neck-deep in mud or hanging upside down. Or your rig could be burning like a charcoal briquette.

To all of you who sent in your stories and photos, we thank you. Keep 'em coming.

Great Ball of Fire
We can't tell you what led up to this little problem-probably just as well, given the outcome-but we can tell you that Tech Editor Christian Hazel from our sister pub Jp snapped this image from U.S. Highway 15 while returning home from the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab recently. While this picture might speak a thousand words, we'd settle for one short sentence: "That Halon thingy's gotta be in here somewhere!"

Student Pilot
Anyone who amuses themselves by launching their truck from a homemade ramp in their backyard is alright in our book. Andrew Lackey sent in this image of his stock '83 Toyota at the beginning of a spectacular 43-foot flight. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the landing bent the front axle.

Flopped Cover Truck
Jon Gustafson's '96 Dodge Ram made the cover of our January '07 issue, and now it makes the mag again-this time planted on its side. The flop happened on some homemade trails in his Hawthorne, Wisconsin, backyard. He says that no one got hurt and the damage "wasn't as bad as I thought."

Stuck on Holy Ground
If your neighbor is a church and their grounds have lots of holes, well, you get it. Zack Martin of Memphis, Tennessee, drove his Chevy into one of those holes and promptly got stuck. It took an '01 Dodge Ram shod with 315/75R16 Pro Comp Xterrains to get Martin back on the straight and narrow.

First Time 'Wheeling
Forty-four-year-old "suburban home-school mom" Jennifer G Burrell of Renton, Washington, sent us an entertaining four-page letter detailing how easy it was to bury her just-purchased '97 Dodge 2500 in manure-saturated mud in her horse corral. She then shared how it was less easy to recover the big Dodge. Ultimately, she says it took three days to free the truck.

Father and Son Time
That's Ken Brouillard's Commando in the background. He got stuck while attempting to "rescue" his son's Willys truck in the foreground. Apparently, this all happened in a bog near Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Brouillard eventually winched himself backwards and found a dry path so he could pull his son's rig out.

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