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August 2007 Letters To The Editor

Posted in Project Vehicles on August 1, 2007
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Address your correspondence to:
Four Wheeler
6420 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048.

All letters become the property of Four Wheeler, and we reserve the right to edit them for length, accuracy, and clarity. The editorial department also can be reached through the Web site at Due to the volume of mail, electronic and otherwise, we cannot respond to every reader, but we do read everything.

Reader: I keep blowing my front diff. How can I fix it?

Editor: Hmmmm, well ... you could always swap in a solid front axle-and you could also break a solid axle just as easily as you could break your IFS. For the short term, we'd probably recommend a slightly lighter throttle foot-but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the box of Four Wheeler goodies we'll be sending your way. Thanks for writing in.

Reader: I'm breathless. All I can say about your Top Truck finalists, after seeing them at, is the word (expletive).

You guys, of all people, should know that the majority of the Top Ten TTC rigs won't make it past the first obstacle. Hell, my backup crawler can outperform 70 percent of them, and I will put money on that. I know that you guys only tally the votes, but those trucks should have never made the list of 50 candidates (April '07). If the Challenge was just a (expletive) mud drag, or maybe a hillclimb, then I wouldn't be so (expletive). Most of those damn retards won't show up because after they see the video, they will (expletive) themselves. I have seen two of the trucks that made the Top Ten in person, and those pieces of (expletive) won't hardly run, much less crawl. I'm trying to talk here, but all I can say is (expletive). Have fun with your Challenge and the retards that made the Top Ten because I won't be buying a video this year, and I doubt I'll buy one ever again. (Expletive.)
Brandon Stephens

Editor: One of the things we've learned in our 15 years of running TTC is to expect the unexpected. Virtually every year, a purpose-built mud bogger drowns in the Mud Bog, a flexy rockcrawler gets stuck in the Mini-Rubicon, and a seemingly bombproof rig literally blows itself up in the Tank Trap. Conversely, every year a vehicle that seems "out of its league" on the surface ends up surprising everyone with its abilities.

Case in point: Last year's event, with Addie Sheeley's TJ running an off-the-shelf suspension kit and 38-inch tires-the smallest rubber of any TTC rig in the last seven years. Would you have guessed that her Jeep would be able to complete the Tank Trap? We didn't-and in fact, we were so sure of it, our judges actually stopped her in the middle of her run and gave her explicit instructions to bail out of her rig once it started sinking in the deepest mudhole. She listened patiently to our advice, then blasted through the remaining holes under her own power to complete the event under time. So much for expert advice.

So before you sell our readers' choices short, let's wait and see how they actually fare at the event. Chances are, your expectations (and ours) will be thoroughly scrambled by the end of it. That aura of unpredictability is one of the qualities that make TTC such an entertaining event every year.

For those of you who haven't seen our Top Ten yet, log onto for a look at this year's finalists. Then check out our November and December '07 issues for complete coverage.

Reader: I am in the process of building a truck capable of entering Top Truck Challenge. I'm in need of the rules and requirements for 2008 so that I can try to enter. Where can I find them? Thanks, y'all!
Name unavailable

Editor: You can download a copy of our rules at, but in a nut, here's what's mandatory for your vehicle to qualify for consideration: A factory hardtop or full rollcage, a winch, at least one tow hook/attachment point, and a fire extinguisher. Front lift blocks, rebar steering, and tire studs/chains/tracks are not allowed, while lockers and bead locks are strongly recommended. Otherwise, anything goes, so let your imagination run wild-and we hope to see your entry in our mailbox next year, whoever you are.

Reader: I feel guilty taking up two of the three blog posts at for the SuperBurb project, but has anyone else shown interest in the project? I'm hoping that there have been some good ideas submitted via e-mail. Have you compiled a list of possible courses of action? I'd be curious to see what others have suggested.
Austin Hood

Editor: For those who haven't heard, our late-and-much-lamented project "SuperBurb" Chevy Suburban has been reacquired by a member of our staff and will be returning soon to these pages. We have a host of upgrades already in the works, and we'll kick off our coverage in an upcoming issue.

Reader: In your issue dated December 2004, you had on the front cover a picture of a '69-'72 Blazer that was modified (narrowed in the front and, I believe, narrowed in the back and tubed). My copy of the magazine does not have any articles written about it: Just a front cover picture and an inside cover picture where you display the contents of the magazine. If I remember right, you featured it in the next month's magazine. Anyway, I can't find my old copies of the article and I would like to know how I can obtain that article and pictures. By the way, great mag.
Keith Maw

Editor: Back issues can be obtained by logging onto or by writing to Primedia Back Issues, 2900 Amber Lane, Corona, CA 92882. Cost is $9 per magazine, and be sure to specify the month and year of the issue you're looking for. Thanks for the kind words.

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