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Ignition Kit

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Early on, the lack of an ignition key made it more work to attempt starting the derelict pickup, so we ordered a few essentials from Rush Truck Center to get going: a new solenoid for the glow plugs, pads for the radiator mount we knew we'd need,O-rings for the oil-cooler lines, and a new ignition switch. Naturally, we had already tried every old GM and AMC key we had (which is quite a few), plus those of a neighbor's, with no luck-and we failed at picking the lock. (Well, ahem, we've been too embarrassed to mention this, but one key we always carry-a door key for our Blazer-was the only one we'd never tried.) You guessed it. We now have a spare ignition lock with keys, and a spare solenoid since the stocker became operational on its own.