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December 2007 Letters To The Editor

September 2007 Cover
Posted December 1, 2007

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Reader: I find it ironic that in your Sept. '07 issue, a reader wrote in about the idiots driving around on 20s in 4x4s, and you said it was just a trend and all that ... and yeah, on the cover of the same issue, you have a huge useless show truck. That's called a "Bro truck," and I don't think it does anything positive for the wheeling community to see garbage like that getting space in a respected mag like yours. In a time when the greenies are gobbling up our public lands for ... well, whatever those hippies do with their newly "rescued" land, those of us who actually like to wheel our trucks and use them (key word: "use") don't need these know-nothing, Glamis dune-running, pot-smoking, drunken-driving pavement-pounder street-queen Bros getting coverage.

You wanna see who gives wheelers a bad name? Take a look at pages 62-64 of the September issue. Useless show trucks riding around on 20s (says it right there on the first page of the article). Here's an idea: why not refuse to cover the mall wheelers and Bros with their Super Dutys and Titans "sittin' on 20s" and maybe they will start to get the hint when they aren't in the mags anymore. I'm used to opening the pages of your mag and seeing Jeeps and 'Yotas (my personal fave) and all kinds of monstrous real rigs in between. I swear if I see another Bro truck get covered in a legitimate 4x4 mag again, I'm gonna have to swear off of this addiction I have to you guys and Petersen's once and for all.

In summary, if you wanna do something positive for the 'wheeling community, stop covering the Bros and their super-queens. Running around throwing sand up at Glamis with your oversized IROKs for the cameras doesn't impress anyone except the Bro crowd. I bet that's the only dirt that truck will ever see. And in your mag? Come on.
J.C. Priest
Murrietta, CA

Editor: Whoa, bro'! Time for some decaf. Seriously now, we've always tried to be the magazine that covers as much of the 4x4 spectrum as possible, from Jeeps to 1-tons, from bone-stock daily drivers to Top Truck torque monsters, and everything in between. And past experience has shown us that big lifted fullsize trucks-and late-model Super Dutys in particular-exert a pretty strong appeal on the newsstand whenever we put them on our covers. And in our cover Bro's defense, yes, he's running 20-inch rims, but with a 41-inch tire diameter, he's got a perfectly respectable sidewall ratio for trail use.

While we respect your opinion-and you're certainly not alone in your sentiments-we think there's a question that needs to be asked when we start flaming other peoples' rigs: With ever-increasing environmental, political, and commercial pressures being placed on public lands, and with tougher CAFE and emissions regulations on the horizon, is this is a good time for us to be casting stones at our fellow enthusiasts because they don't build their rigs the way we'd like? Now, more than ever, we need to hang together as brothers-in-arms and fight for our rights as four-wheelers, no matter what we drive, how we build 'em, or where we like to take our rigs-be it Glamis, or Moab, or Tellico, or Black Bear, or even just cruisin' down the boulevard. At least that's how we see it.

Reader: I just wanted to say "Great response" to "Fed Up With FJs in FW" ("Letters," Sept. '07). Unless you've gone through the entire magazine before reading your response, many will not get your, "Hey, at least they're (Toyota) not advertising male enhancement pills." I just about fell out of my "chair" in my "office" (you know, where most of us read FW). I was somewhat surprised by the new ad (and not the one from Toyota). You guys have a sick and twisted sense of humor, which is one of the reasons I keep reading. Keep up the incredibly sarcastic responses and I will keep enjoying my reading during my morning ritual.

Editor: Believe it or not, we wrote that sarcastic answer before we had any idea that the advertisement you mentioned was going to run in that issue. As it turned out, the ad was inserted in the magazine shortly before we went to press ... so like you, we were just as surprised when we picked up our copy of the September issue. But thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy us each day with your morning, er, coffee.

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