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1997 Jeep TJ Brute Extras - Project Teal-Brute

Rear View Sand
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted January 1, 2008
Photographers: David Kennedy

Part 4: Completing The Brute Pickup And All The Little Details

Change is good. In the case of project Teal-J, change is awesome. And if you missed the last three segments, you might as well put down this magazine and go find copies of the August, September, and November '07 issues to better understand what we did to our well-known Teal-J. We could rehash the process by which DC Customs of Ukiah, California, transformed our short-wheelbase Wrangler into the sweet AEV Brute pickup, but we'd probably catch heat from bossman McColloch because page space is a limited commodity around here these days. As such, we're going to cut right to the chase and delve into the details of how we completed the Brute conversion and made Teal better than ever before.


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After years of use, we decided to replace our well-used seats with something a little more comfortable. The Baja RS from Corbeau features capability for five-point harness belts, a powdercoated tubular steel frame, a military-grade suspension cord system, and a fingertip-controlled reclining mechanism. They are available for most 4x4 trucks and SUVs with Corbeau's vehicle-specific mounting kits. The TJ kit comes in two different configurations; one for short and another for taller individuals. We went with the brackets for short people because they provided us with higher seating position. Luckily, the Brute hardtop provides ample headroom, so we don't feel cramped sitting in the new seats. The increase in visibility is awesome.


Corbeau Seats
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Blue Torch Fab
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Rhino Linings
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DC Customs
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MagnaFlow Exhaust
Percy's High Performance Speedglass
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