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Code Name: Raptor - 2009 Long Travel Ford F150

Sean P. Holman | Writer
Posted January 1, 2008

Code Name: Raptor

We have been hearing chatter and rumors from various sources and we have confirmed that Ford is working on a long travel version of the all-new 2009 F-150, codenamed "Raptor". The on again, off again program appears to be on again and is far along in its development.

From what we have gathered, the truck is probably a year and a half or two years away from production if the program isn't cancelled before then. Sources tell us that the truck is lower and wider than a standard F-150 and uses reservoir shocks that are being co-developed with Fox Racing. Tires are said to be in the 33-35-inch range and a selectable locker, first unveiled on the new F-150, is thought to be part of the package....

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