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February 2008 Letters To The Editor

November 2007 Cover
Posted February 1, 2008

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Reader: I just received my Nov. '07 issue and cannot believe that you would allow participants at Top Truck Challenge 2007 (or any year, for that matter) to blast through an obstacle such as the Mud Pit without proper eye and head protection as shown on the cover. An extremely poor example for younger readers, in my opinion.
Bill Hertneky
Mohnton, PA

Editor: We received several letters on this subject this month-which surprised us, as we've featured numerous images, on many past covers, of Top Truck competitors with no helmets plowing through obstacles such as the Mud Pit or the Frame Twister, and up to now, we'd never heard a word of complaint.

For the record, the Mud Pit, like all TTC events, is held on a closed course, with two EMTs and a seven-man recovery crew at the ready to provide aid if needed. We do advise competitors to wear a helmet during the Hill Climb, and seatbelts and/or harnesses have always been mandatory throughout. We are always fine-tuning TTC to make it better, though, and we'll take your suggestion to heart as we plan for the '08 event. Thanks for writing.

Reader: Can you please tell me how and where I can get a copy of the 2007 Top Truck Challenge? I don't care if it's a DVD or VHS. Thanks for your help.
Michael McSwain
Vancouver, WA

Editor: We sell Top Truck DVDs in cooperation with our friends at 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers. Log onto or hit up your nearest 4Wheel Parts outlet; they should be able to help you.

Reader: I have a difficult problem. I'm 14 years old and just bought my second truck, an '82 Dodge Power Ram 50 4x4 with the 2.6L four-cylinder engine. I have searched everywhere to try to find some upgrades for it, but can't seem to locate anybody that carries parts for this machine. I'm looking for a lift kit (4 to 6 inches) and wheels and tires. The wheels and tires aren't a problem, but the lift is a different story. I was wondering if you guys at Four Wheeler could locate one for me.
Cole K.

Editor: Wow! You're 14 years old, and already on your second truck? We're impressed!

We hate to break the news, but nobody we know of ever made a suspension lift for your Dodge. There are 2- and 3-inch body lifts available from Performance Accessories (, but these are the only components we've ever heard about to lift your vehicle.

Reader: I purchased your magazine at my local gas station. I was wondering if there are any lifts for a '99 Nissan Pathfinder, or if you have any suggestions on how to go about lifting it or converting it to a solid axle in the front.
Chris Mendrek
West Warren, MA

Editor: Sorry to say, there's not much available for your 'Finder. Old Man Emu makes a 2-inch coil/spacer lift that you can find via either Automotive Customizers ( or Rocky Road Outfitters ( Anything beyond that will require a fair amount of fabrication and custom work.

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