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1987 Suzuki Samurai - Blown Away

Posted in Project Vehicles on March 1, 2008 Comment (0)
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1987 Suzuki Samurai - Blown Away

It's hard to believe, but this outrageous '87 Suzuki Samurai was once resting in a salvage yard in Texas. It was rescued by Indiana well driller Brian Nelson, who had a plan to turn the forlorn, engineless shell into a crazy one-of-a-kind machine. It took four years of intensive fabbing and wrenching to create his masterpiece, and the result is an immaculate, unique ride.

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129 0803 16 z+1987 suzuki samurai+rear axle

The rear suspension utilizes link bars that are the same 36-inch length as the front link bars, and their forward ends mount to the same custom subframe as the front links. It also sports a custom Panhard bar and a pair of Sway-A-Way shocks. The rear axle is from a Toyota FJ60 and it has been completely rebuilt and fitted with a disc-brake conversion from TSM Manufacturing.

Owner: Brian Nelson/Rochester, Indiana
Vehicle/Model: '97 Suzuki Samurai
Estimated Value: $40,000

Type: 4.3L V-6
Aspiration: Holley 750-cfm carburetor, Hampton intake and 4-71 blower, 2.5-inch dual exhaust, Supertrapp mufflers
Output, hp/torque (estimated): 300/N/A

Transmission: TH200, Hayden cooler, Lokar shifter
Transfer case: Stock, dropped and rotated in a custom mount

Front: Custom Rock 4x Fabrication, Sway-A-Way Racerunner shocks
Rear: Custom Rock 4x Fabrication, Sway-A-Way Racerunner shocks

Front: Toyota/Open
Rear: Toyota, disc-brake conversion/Open
Ring-and-pinion: 4.10:1

Wheels: 15x14 Weld Typhoon
Tires: 46x19.5-15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws

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