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2002 Ford Ranger Clutch - Project Range Runner

Rear View
Sean P. Holman | Writer
Posted March 1, 2008

Part 10: Upgraded clutch

Project RangeRunner recently benefited greatly from an Explorer Express supercharger install, upping the power more than 60 percent over headers and exhaust to 225 hp and 257 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. With this newfound power and a heavier wheel-and-tire package, we were noticing some slippage with the stock clutch, especially on the trail when we needed to climb obstacles. It was time to upgrade, so we turned to the experts at Centerforce-a longtime industry leader in clutches-for help with our Ranger.

1. First, the truck is secured on the hoist and the transmission is removed.

The folks at Centerforce invited us out to their facility in Prescott, Arizona, and graciously offered to install a new Centerforce Dual Friction performance clutch in our Ranger. The Centerforce Dual Friction clutch offers super street characteristics, while significantly improving holding capacity and durability over stock. They do this by offering the DF clutch disc with a full-facing proprietary compound on the pressure-plate side and segmented composite facing on the flywheel side, providing the desired result of higher holding capacity, while still offering stocklike pedal effort.

Thanks to the new clutch setup, Project RangeRunner has the ability to crawl over obstacles without the clutch slipping under load. It also fires off smoother shifts under wide-open throttle with the supercharger at full wail. Follow along for an overview of our installation.


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Centerforce Clutches
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