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March 2008 Letters To The Editor

December 2007 Cover
Posted March 1, 2008

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Reader: In your Dec. '07 issue, you showed pictures of Donald Hadden's Chevy S-10 on page 25 and 28. I'd like to know what tires he is running-specifically, the brand and size. Great magazine.
Bill Walker
Morrisville, NC

Reader: Top Truck Challenge should be performed around the U.S. I am in Florida, ya'll are on the West Coast. Rocks dent bodies ... never mind, ya'll don't comprehend. I'll just start my own circuit.
Chad Snell
Naples, FL

Editor: About those tires: Donald Hadden ran a plain ol' set of 19.5/46-15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws at Top Truck. What made 'em unique was their custom grooving, with alternating tread blocks removed. Considering that Donald came within a hair's breadth of winning TTC last year, we'd say those tires worked mighty well.

Reader: In reference to your December "Letters", Mr. Priest needs more than decaf! Perhaps he needs to sit down and clean all of his guns while reflecting upon the meaning of life: Some quiet time, if you will. I've been 'wheeling since my 16th birthday in 1974, the day when my home-built desert rail and I were both newly licensed. I have owned myriad 4x4s and off-road vehicles since (my personal favorite being my '88 Samurai) and yes, I've "used" them all. I've likely been inverted more times than Mr. Priest has fingers left.

I am much older now and have a Honda Ridgeline with 22-inch wheels. I call 'em my "dress shoes" and they exist to please the wife. I also have a compressor, airtools, and a set of "hiking boots" for the truck. The wife is happy, and so am I.

I'm going out to shop for another vehicle right now. The wife wants the Bentley Continental GTC, and I want an Aston Martin Vanquish. This is a problem that can't be solved as easily as two sets of wheels and tires.

In short, Mr. Priest, jus 'cuz she's purdy all dressed up for Saturday night don't mean she don't run with the hogs on Sunday mornin'.
Steve Griffin
Peoria, AZ

Reader: I was just reading a review on the Dick Cepek F-C Kevlar tires. I'm days away from ordering a set from my local Les Schwab, and stumbled across what I hope isn't a typo. You had printed/posted in your "Tire Test: Dick Cepek Kevlar F-C" that they came in two sizes: 36x16.50 and 38x18.50. I cannot seem to find that width on the 38-inch tire anywhere. Please let me know if this is a typo.
Brandon Whirry

Editor: Tire-test guru Jimmy Nylund replies: I hope you realize that the test you read is some eight-or-so years old. Dick Cepek (which isn't even Cepek anymore, technically speaking) hasn't made the Kevlar F-C for several years.

OK, our old FW test did say that they're available up to a 38x18.50-16.5. And maybe they were at the time. Anything I can find after that, including current ads, are for a 38x15.50-16.5 and a 36x16.50-16.5. Either way, they only list those two sizes, both of which are for 16.5-inch wheels, which makes me wonder why anyone would want any size of that tire. Must be old stock that some retailers are trying to dump.

Reader: I have been subscribing to your magazine for two years and I find it very entertaining. In the Jan. '06 issue, there was an article called "How To Build It: Chevy Small-Block Step By Step." I have not seen Part 2 of that article, and I read every issue from cover to cover. Please let me know if and when I can expect Part 2 in your magazine.
Doug Bennett
Freeland, MI

Stroker builder Robin Stover replies: Thanks for writing in about the buildup. We're actually moving right along with the build now. We had a slight issue with the block, due to it being dropped in shipping, which delayed us. Otherwise, things are going well. We just had the machine work completed last week. I haven't had editorial space to do an update story yet. I'm sorry about that. Maybe if I get some additional e-mails like this, the boss will bump the project up the list a bit? In any case, we still plan to showcase the buildup in three additional parts. Stay tuned.

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