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101 Places to Wheel Before You Die - Midwest / Midsouth

Posted April 1, 2008


Badlands Off Road Park
Location: Attica, Indiana
Size: 700 acres
Time: Hours to days
Experience level: Beginner to advanced
Points of interest: The Badlands offers a variety of terrain from sand to mud to water to rocks. There is a "trucks only" portion of the park that is off-limits to ATVs and motorcycles and has trails specifically designed for four-wheel-drive rigs.
What you need: A daily pass is $20, a two-day pass is $30, a three-day pass is $40 and there is a $5 passenger fee per day. Flags are required for all rigs. A new shower house is being built in the park and there's a campground near the main gate.
Information: 866/762-2981,
---Ken Brubaker

Brick's 4x4 Farm
Location: Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Size: 400 acres
Time: A weekend of fun
Experience level: Easy to extreme
Points of interest: This park is 2.5 years old and was a family farm. Now it has obstacles with names like Easy Street, The Donut Hole, Motor Hill, The Valley and Twister.
What you need: The park is generally open one weekend a month, and the entry fee is $10 per day though there are weekend rates for special events.
Information: 573/718-7388,
---Ken Brubaker

Byrd's Adventure Center of the Ozarks
Location: Ozark, Arkansas
Length: 700+ acres
Time: Plan to be there a while
Experience level: Easy to miserable
Points of interest: Byrd's boasts the Pure Screaming Hell trail, which is probably the best name for a trail we've ever heard. All of the 20+ trails on the property are color-coded with the difficulty level and plainly marked. There is also a "play area."
What you need: The fee to enter the park is $10 per vehicle and the park is open 7 days per week. Special events include Madness in May (Memorial Day weekend) and Rocktoberfest (Halloween). 'Wheeling is just one of the many things this multifaceted park offers.
Information: 479/667-4066,
---Ken Brubaker

Coal Creek OHV Area
Location: Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Size: 72,000 acres (no kidding), 160 miles of trails
Time: Um, could take weeks
Experience level: Easy to advanced
Points of interest: Trails range from gravel roads with little or no challenge all the way to moderate and difficult trails. Some trails are limited to ATV and motorcycle only.
What you need: Coal Creek is open 365 days a year and requires a land use permit that costs $17 per day per person. Primitive camping is available and a new campground with all the amenities is under construction and should be completed this year. Food and beverages are available on-grounds.
---Ken Brubaker

Coon Creek Off Road Park
Location: Dyersburg, Tennessee
Size: 450+ acres
Time: Hours or days
Experience level: Beginner to advanced
Points of interest: Mud pits, trails and rocks await. Many trails will "push custom-built rigs to carnage."
What you need: Admission is $10 per day and kids under 7 years of age are free. The park is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Information: 731/589-4679,
---Ken Brubaker

Flat Nasty Off Road Park
Location: Jadwin, Missouri
Size: 850 acres
Time: 'Wheelers have tried to make it through the park in 4 days and failed
Experience level: Newbie to grizzled trail veteran
Points of interest: Located in the Ozark Mountains, this park is stunningly beautiful. The beauty hides a lot of challenge however, like the White Knuckle Trail, which was chosen by BFGoodrich as an Outstanding Trail. The park offers over 27 trails.
What you need: A daily pass is $15 and each rider is $5. There are special prices for multi-day passes and there's even an annual individual or family pass available. The park is open 7 days a week.
Information: 573/729-6668,
---Ken Brubaker

Haspin Acres Off Road and Motocross Park
Location: Laurel, Indiana
Size: 750 acres
Time: How much ya got?
Experience level: Rookie to ultra-experienced
Points of interest: Devils Backbone is the famed obstacle at this park. It is said that there are several hundred miles of trails to explore.
What you need: Haspin Acres is open 365 days a year and it costs $15 per person to enter. There are bathroom and shower facilities as well as a campground and food on-grounds.
Information: 765/698-2420,
---Ken Brubaker

Iron Range OHVRA
Location: Gilbert, Minnesota
Size: 1,200 acres, 36 miles of trails
Time: Better have some
Experience level: Trails are marked from "easiest" to "most difficult"
Points of interest: This state-owned park is situated in an old quarry area. With obstacles named Ted's Revenge, Axle Trap, Money Talks and Crater Crawl you know it's gonna be good.
What you need: This park is open 7 days a week, May through October and weekends November through April. It's closed during firearms deer season.
---Ken Brubaker

Redbird State Riding Area
Location: Dugger, Indiana
Size: 600+ acres
Time: As long as you want it to be
Experience level: Greenhorn to saddle jockey
Points of interest: This is Indiana's first state-owned property designed for motorized off-highway use. Trails are clearly marked and include difficulty level.
What you need: The park is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.., and the fee is $10 per day per vehicle. There is an annual pass available for $175. Vehicles must be registered as an off road vehicle by the DNR or be registered as street legal by the DMV.
Information: 317/232-4070,
---Ken Brubaker

Hannibal Rocks
Location: Hannibal, Missouri
Size: 70 acres
Time: Day or two
Experience level: Fun for all experience levels
Points of interest: This park is a hot spot for formal events as well casual 'wheeling. For instance in '08 they're hosting 3 W.E. Rock events including W.E. Rock East, the All-Stock Nationals and Grand Nationals. They also host the Top Shop Challenge, RROCK Extreme Rock Crawl Series and XRRA.
What you need: Fee to enter the park is $20 per vehicle per day. There is a modern campground about 1 mile from the park.
Information: 217/242-1963,
---Ken Brubaker

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