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May 2008 Letters To The Editor

February 2008 Cover
Posted May 1, 2008

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Reader: Hey guys, I've been reading your magazine since before I bought my '77 Chevy K5 Blazer ... in 1977. And since we've enjoyed over 500,000 miles of set-it-on-fire-and-roll-it-down-a-hill love/hate adventure, I had just a few thoughts on the cover and some of the letters, articles, and Techline (Feb. '08).

First, while the Hummer H3 cuts a nice roostertail, it ain't the K5 the caption on the Table of Contents page says, and the cover truck article says it's supposed to be there. Maybe it's buried in the sand.

Next, staying with the Blazer article, at one time Avalanche Engineering made a twin-stick NP205 conversion. It's not cable-operated or Heim-jointed, but it works fine and was an easy install.

Also, in addition to the Blazer frame repair fixes you mentioned in Techline, Fabtech makes a bolt-in brace that ties the steering box to the front crossmember. Coupled with a frame doubler, it's the next best thing to bulletproof.

Finally, speculating on the exhaust fume problem with the '77 Jimmy, a lot of aftermarket exhaust systems route the tailpipes out under the rear bumper-which puts the exhaust in the low-pressure turbulent airflow that causes all that dust and other crud to cover up the rear window. Going back to the stock side-exit location behind the wheels might help the situation.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'll let you know how the next 30 years go.
Don Murray
Decatur, GA

Editor: Thanks for your support of the magazine. We wouldn't have managed to stay in business for 45 years if it wasn't for folks like you.

About the caption: We ran two separate covers in February-one for subscription copies, and another for the newsstand-and yep, we forgot to change the Table of Contents page to reflect that. Our bad.

We couldn't find the twin-stick kit you mentioned at Avalanche, but Off Road Design makes one of its cool doubler "hybrid" cases for either version (27- or 32-spline input) of the GM-model 205, and you can get it with either twin or triple sticks. Our bad again-but thanks for keeping us on our toes.

And those exhaust fumes in the Jimmy's cab? Read on.

Reader: I have a '92 Bronco with the 5.8L V-8 and four-speed automatic transmission with pushbutton four-wheel drive. My brother tells me that when in two-wheel-drive mode, the front driveshaft and subsequently the front axles will turn. I was wondering if this is true. I have manual hubs and was under the impression that no torque was transmitted to the front end when four-wheel drive was not engaged. I hate to have him prove me wrong, but I am not sure and would like your advice. By the way, I love your magazine.
Rodney Cook
Portland, TX

Editor: We don't nail every single tech question we're ever asked, but we're pretty sure we can handle this one. Tell your brother he's buying dinner tonight.

Reader: My friend is looking for a 6-inch lift for a '99 Toyota 4Runner. Any ideas?

Editor: Nope. Readers?

Reader: I have been a reader of your mag for years and wanted to put my truck in Readers' Rigs, and don't see where I'm to e-mail photos and info. Can you help?
Ray Mathew
Gay, WV

Reader: I have an '03 Chevy ZR/2 Blazer that is lifted with many mods. I would love to send it into the Readers' Rigs section of your magazine. I have read through your site and magazine, and haven't seen how I would go about sending my truck info in. Thank you.
Nathan Hughes
Cave Springs, AR

Editor: There are a couple of ways to do it. You can send us old-fashioned color prints and printed info to Readers' Rigs, Four Wheeler, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Or you can e-mail digital pics and info to If you wanna post your truck on our Web site, log onto, follow the instructions on the screen, and you'll be famous in cyberspace in no time. Is this a great Web site, or what?

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