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Old News - Four Wheeler Magazine - August 1988

Posted in Project Vehicles on August 28, 2008
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20 Years Ago

What Were We Doing This Month . . . in 1988?

Twenty years ago, we were all over the place---literally, as we focused on 101 Great Trails across the USA in the August '88 issue. (And no, that truck on the cover isn't really wheeling across Lake Powell.) This time around, we thought we'd share some wild and crazy forecasts from some dude who used to be the editor here (too bad we don't have a budget for cartoonists anymore), as well as one of the late Granville King's most popular old columns, "Ye Olde Static Driving Mode." For good measure, we've included a page of "new products" from 1988, which included one of our all-time favorites: Swamp Sox, a.k.a. condoms for leaf springs. Over the next few months, we'll be archiving even more of these great old stories at, so check back frequently and don't miss out!

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