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Original Struts

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1. With the truck properly secured on a lift, the technicians from Rancho's Long Beach, California, facility removed the factory struts to make way for the new Rancho Quick Lift struts. As you can see from this photo, the old original struts had some homemade 2-inch coil spacers installed on them to effectively level the front of the truck with the rear. This inexpensive spacer lift caused a whole assortment of undesirable ride characteristics. The upper control arms made contact with the strut mounting buckets during extreme droop travel and the preload on the coil springs gave the rig an unnerving poppy rebound feel, all items we didn't like about the ride quality. We were very happy to ditch the arrangement in favor of the Quick Lift struts, and we still had enough room to clear the 34-inch Nitto Dune Grapplers with some inner fenderwell trimming. On a factory configuration, the Quick Lift struts would have gained somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 inches of ride height over stock, with some spacer-type leveling kits.