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September 2008 Letters to the Editor

Four Wheeler June 2008
Posted September 1, 2008

We were reading your "101 Places to Wheel Before You Die" (June '08) and were shocked that your list did not include Clayton, Oklahoma. We've wheeled all over the country-Moab, Katemcy, Hot Springs, Tellico-and we absolutely love Clayton! Love your magazine, and hate to be a critic. (We hate when people criticize y'all.) Just a thought to investigate Clayton-most wheelers in Texas and Oklahoma love to wheel there.

Eddie & Michelle Stephens
Little Elm, TX

It seems there is one glaring trail system missing from your list. That trail system is the area known as Reiter Trail outside of Gold Bar, Washington. If you haven't heard of it, or have not driven with folks who know, I'd like to extend an invitation. We like to wheel there and have been doing so for more than 16 years. Our group is a mixed bag of S&N Fab buggies, my well-used CJ-8, and whoever else dares follow. Feel free to contact me. We'd love to show you around.

Mark Rogalski
Snohomish, WA

I thought that your "101 Places to Wheel" was a great article and very informative. We believe that you left off a very important wheeling ranch in Texas: Trees Off Road Adventure Park, which is the largest privately owned wheeling park in Texas at this time. We have 5,500 acres and 45+ trails that range from mild to very extreme. We even have one trail called Lucifer that we will pay a $500 bounty for anyone crazy enough to get to the top unassisted. Trees Ranch was one of the Ultimate Adventure stopovers in 2007. We have primitive camping sites and bunkhouses, as well as RV sites. Please include us in your next issue of Best Wheeling Sites.

Kenneth Wright
Trees Ranch Off Road
San Angelo, TX

Done! We hoped our "101 Places to Wheel" coverage would elicit these types of responses, (1) to remind us of places we might've overlooked, such as Clayton (it's been a few years since we visited, obviously), and (2) to clue us in on wheeling spots we'd never heard of before, like Reiter Trail. Thanks to all who wrote in to set us straight-and if there's a great four-wheeling destination you'd like us to know about, drop us a line anytime.

I loved the cover of the June issue; old-school rig in the foreground, cool scenery in the back. Kinda got me to thinking, how about if you guys resurrect some of the old covers from the '60s once in a while? Or do a couple of retro-style issues cover-to-cover, maybe for the next anniversary? Just a thought.

Shane Packard
Broken Arrow, OK

The cover of the June issue shows several vehicles on a trail. The description on the table of contents says "Cover photo from the Four Wheeler archives." Does anyone happen to know where the photo was taken? This place looks like my kind of four-wheeling.

Jim Harshman
Brea, CA

You're in luck-that trail is right in your backyard. The photo was taken a few years back in the Truckhaven Hills, near Anza-Borrego State Park, California.

On your '92 Ford F-150 project "Fiery Redhead," what resources did you use for interior parts? I have two '91 F-150s and I cannot find interior parts for them, like armrests and knobs. Any info would be helpful.

Coats, NC

Look up the folks at LMC Truck (800/LMC-TRUCK,; they'll have everything you're looking for.

I also have a '92 F-150 4x4 and I have been wanting to put on a Warn Classic bumper. I've visited the Warn Web site, but I can't seem to find the bumper on the Web site, so I was wondering if I could get some help finding a Classic bumper. I've also checked with 4Wheel Parts, and I've had no luck whatsoever. My truck does spend a lot of time in the mud because of my job in the oil field, so I would appreciate your help.

Stephan Cole
Cypress, TX

Unfortunately, Warn discontinued the Classic winch-mount bumper a while ago. To find some new-old stock, your best bet would be to check out some online retailers. A Google search turned up a match at Auto Styles (888/407-9456,, which advertises the bumper you're looking for on its site. Otherwise, keep an eye on eBay-there are a number of jobbers who sell discontinued/overstock parts there regularly, and who knows, maybe one day a Warn bumper to match your truck might show up.

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