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Ouo Suspension

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Anderson tried four different suspension systems before ultimately settling on the One Up Offroad (OUO) 600 Series system. The system eliminated the factory front leaf-spring suspension and replaced it with an ultra-functional three-link suspension with 16 inches of travel. Anderson's rig now features Sway-A-Way 2.5-inch-diameter piggyback coilover shocks, a new track bar and bracket, and a dropped pitman arm among the many other standard components included with the kit. The steering was beefed with an OUO high-steer knuckle, a heavy-duty drag link, and a dual ram-assist truss with a pair of Nowack 8-inch hydraulic cylinders. The front axle is a Dynatrac high-pinion Dana 60 with 35-spline axleshafts and a Detroit Truetrac. The brakes have been upgraded with Off Road Unlimited slotted rotors, Hawk Performance pads, and Crown Performance braided stainless steel brake lines.