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Front Suspension

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This is just sick. Last year's Arvin-Meritor 3-ton axles must've been deemed too wimpy for TTC, since they've been replaced by these ITL units, which are manufactured in the UK for use on heavy-equipment rigs. This axle, a fully steered SD-70 model, is rated at seven tons gross axle weight and 10,300 lb-ft of torque (not a misprint). For good measure, there is a set of 7:1 ring-and-pinion gears in the diff. Oh, and there's also a set of 5:1 reduction gears in the hubs, giving the Warthog a 35:1 crawl reduction in the axles alone. Suspension? Oh, yeah, ho hum, it's a Clayton-fabbed four-link with 26-inch-travel Knight Stalker shocks.