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The foundation of this completely custom machine is the tube chassis. It's fashioned from 2-, 1.750-, and 1.500-inch 0.120-wall DOM tubing. This fat-free, ultra-functional, rugged chassis was designed with an amazing number of neat ideas including full underbody removable skidplating and integrated winch mounts for the front and rear T-Max EWI-12000 winches. Each winch is equipped with 7/16-inch synthetic winch line, and integrated axle mounts allow Morris to use the winches to control the axles when necessary. The rig is infused with powerful lighting that includes four forward-facing Lazer Star lights and two rear-facing Lazer Star lights. If the tires look big that's because they are. The 49-inch IROKs are mounted to 14-inch-wide Stazworks double internal beadlocks.