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November 2008 Letters To The Editor

July 2008 Cover
Posted November 1, 2008

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A Hitch In Time
Reader: I saw the article about the Hensley Arrow hitch in your July '08 issue and would like to comment on the hitch. I owned an '05 Holiday Rambler 35-foot trailer, which swayed so badly it was nearly untowable. Holiday Rambler paid for installation of a Hensley Arrow hitch on the trailer. The hitch removed all the sway and made the trailer a delight to tow. A couple of minor comments: Purchase an adjustable foot to move the tongue sideways, it makes it much easier to line up the hitch to the tow truck. There is an adjusting nut located on the bar that runs parallel to the tongue of the trailer. This has to be tightened every few thousand miles, or the trailer will show signs of sway. I would recommend the hitch to anyone purchasing a trailer.
Newt Young
Edinburg, TX

Editor: You mean we actually gave some good advice? Where the heck did we go wrong that month?

When Is A Disco Not A Disco?
Reader: You guys do a great job with this mag. I like this wheelin' publication over some of the others because you include more overseas action than the competition usually does. I wanted to point out that on page 40 of "Exide Istria Challenge" (Aug. '08), someone may have mistakenly identified a Mercedes G-Wagen as a Land Rover Discovery. What do you think?
Richland, AL

Editor: Uhhhh...yep, you're right, seems our Euro-ID skills are getting a little rusty. Guess this means the boss needs to send us to Europe more often. You listening, boss?

Wants Rubicon Gearbox Info
Reader: I am interested in purchasing a used '03-'06 Jeep TJ Rubicon. I would like any specific model year information you may be able to provide. For example, I believe that the '03-'04 model years have a five-speed manual transmission versus a six-speed manual transmission in the '05-'06 model years. What are the differences in the transmissions, especially regarding component strength, durability, and gear ratios? Any other differences you may be able to highlight would be appreciated.
Christopher J. Lowden
Somewhere in OH

Editor: Our advice: go for the six-speed. The NVG3550 five-speed that came in the pre-'05 models is perfectly adequate, but the NSG370 six-speed gives you a better 4.46:1 First gear versus the five-speed's 4.01:1 First, and a lower Reverse gear as well (4.06:1 vs. 3.57:1). Both boxes are cast-aluminum, chaindriven units that were designed to handle roughly the same amounts of horsepower, so durability for both boxes should be similar under normal use.

Wants To Enter Top Truck 2009
Reader: Hey, I'm just looking for news and/or milestone dates for Top Truck Challenge next year. I have a truck I would like to enter.
Jeff Allen
Mishawaka, IN

Editor: You're in luck. Turn to page 66 for all the info you need to enter your truck for a chance to compete at Top Truck Challenge 2009.

New Toyota Owner Wants Parts Info
Reader: I recently purchased an '86 Toyota 4x4 truck for $500. It's a little hard on the eyes but it runs decent and the drivetrain works great. I am writing for information about good Web sites for rebuilding this truck, and any magazines that may help me hunt down any of the parts and pieces I may need during the build.
Heath Fly
Portsmouth, VA

Editor: First, be sure to check out the Toyota forums at We've got a few knowledgeable readers out there who can likely give you good tips or advice. There are plenty of other good online resources. Also try Toyota Territory (, Toyota Nation (, and Yota Tech ( They're all good online clearinghouses for Toyota truck tech and general info. Happy surfing.

How Big A Lift For IFS Ranger?
Reader: I have an '03 Ford Ranger Edge 4x4. I am having a hard time finding a suspension lift that is bigger than 4 inches. I have a 3-inch body lift already and was looking for a suspension lift around 6 inches or more because I would like to put 38-inch tires on the truck. Is there anything out there for the '03 Ranger that's bigger than 4 inches? Is there anything I could do to lift the truck after the 4-inch suspension lift? I would like to have a total of 9 or more inches of total lift. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Somewhere in VA

Editor: We hate to break the news to you, but if you want that much lift for your Ranger, a solid-axle swap is going to be your only option. You will probably want to consider swapping out the rear axle as well, as the stock piece likely won't live long turning that big a tire.

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