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February 2009 Letters To The Editor

December 2008 Cover
Posted February 1, 2009

Where To Write
Address your correspondence to:
Four Wheeler
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All letters become the property of Four Wheeler, and we reserve the right to edit them for length, accuracy, and clarity. The editorial department also can be reached through the Web site at Due to the volume of mail, electronic and otherwise, we cannot respond to every reader, but we do read everything.

If It's February, It's Time For Top Truck Gripes & Grouses
Reader: I just read the Top Truck story (Dec. '08) and was not shocked to see that the top four finishers all had rigs worth more than $60,000! I appreciate the work and quality that goes into these rigs, but it seems like unless you have bottomless pockets or own a fab shop, you might as well stay home. Yes, I know the guy with the Willys only had $7,000 in his, but overall, the trucks are high-dollar. It seems like in four-wheeling, like most other motorsports, all that matters is how much money you have. Bring back the Real Truck Challenge!
Evan Pearson
Queen Anne, MD

Reader: I just got the issue with all the TTC finals and was a little disappointed when most of the so-called "trucks" were mostly home-built tube-chassis trucks-they can't even be considered "trucks." How about next TTC, we have a factory-frame truck that is built tough so we actually have a Top Truck Challenge?
Josh Johnson
Idaho Falls, ID

Reader: Are you ever going to bring back the Real Truck Challenge? If you do, I want to be the first to sign up. I have an '00 Jeep Wrangler with a 4-inch lift, 33-inch TSLs, Ford 8.8 rear with e-locker, a front Dana 30 with a Truetrac, a $2.50 Warn winch (I won it in a raffle), and other various mods and weight reductions in the form of sheetmetal that fell off. I really hope you bring back RTC 'cuz I can't afford a Top Truck rig, and I'm not the only one.
Kevin Sanders
Allendale, IL

Editor: For the record, all of those "high-dollar" rigs were voted into TTC by our readers, not us. And you'll have the chance to do it all over again in the April '09 issue when we'll have our final cut of Top Truck aspirants for TTC XVII.

We stopped holding our Real Truck Club Challenge two years ago because, frankly, while the response from readers was encouraging, we couldn't seem to find enough spectators to attend the event, or enough sponsors to help underwrite the costs. We still talk about bringing the event back, and we'll revisit the idea when economic conditions make it more feasible for us to do so. Thanks to all who wrote in about Top Trucks, Real Trucks, or anything else.

Responsibility Begins At Home
Reader: This letter is in response to "No Helmet on a UTV" ("Letters," Dec. '08). I find it ridiculous that someone would write in complaining about the helmetless man on a UTV (Rhino). It has a full rollcage and has proven to be safe in wrecks. I'm sorry to hear about the local kids he mentioned, but I would point the finger at bad parenting, not bad pictures. I'm just getting tired of all these do-gooders writing in and complaining about photos and comments doing bad things to our kids. I never wore a helmet until the sheltered kids started running into people at the Oregon Dunes, and it is worse than ever now. I don't like to see the injuries either, but parents need to quit passing the buck, and be responsible for you and your kids' actions.
Kevin McMillan
Monmouth, OR

A 'Wheeling "Trend" We Could Do Without ?
Reader: Where do I start? First, I don't share Mr. Holman's sadness over the banning of "trucksticles" ("Top Wheeling Trends of 2008," Dec. '08). I have two daughters, ages 10 and 14, and I have to explain to my youngest when she asks, "what are things hanging off the back of that truck?" Now for all you studs out there who think you're cool for hanging a set of balls off the back of your truck, I know you won't understand my anger. I don't care what you think of my comments. I'm accountable to my kids, and their innocence is already under attack by a bunch of other crap out there. If your truck had "balls" to begin with, you wouldn't need to put a set on your back bumper. Where does it all stop? Secondly, do you really think it's a conflict of our "freedom of speech"? Have you read the Constitution? Grow up and respect the fact that people do not want to see, or should have to see, that junk out there. Do us all a favor-take 'em off and put them in the closet along with your "Big Johnson" T-shirts. Your magazine is awesome, and I will continue to read it cover to cover. Mr. Holman is entitled to his opinion. I just wanted to voice mine.
Tom Schaefer Jr.
Otisville, MI

Editor: Sean P. Holman replies: Great to hear from you, and thanks for voicing your thoughts. We love to get passionate letters from our readers because it means they are reading, and thinking about what we have to say.

Unfortunately, I think you completely missed my point about "Trucksticles." I encourage you to reread that snippet because there is no place that I expressed "sadness" about their banning. Having a daughter myself, I can understand your frustration, but there are a lot worse things in the world that I spend my time protecting her from than an anatomically correct model of something she can see on a horse in the Fourth of July Parade or on the family Great Dane.

Just to be clear, I am not a supporter of "Trucksticles" (but I am not bothered by them one way or another), only editorializing on the sad fact that we have legislators spending time on ridiculous laws such as these, rather than putting the effort and time into laws that matter to further this great country.

Dept. Of Corrections
Reader: This is in regards to your long-term update on the TRD FJ Cruiser (Nov. '08). You listed that it had a 3.5L V-6. I work for Toyota and I have never seen a 3.5L in a new truck/SUV. They all have the 4.0L V-6. The 3.5 is in the cars.
Kevin Rietman
Merrillville, IN

Editor: Right you are. The guilty party has been assigned to write "Oh What a Feeling!" a hundred times on the blackboard while reciting, "I will never drive the wife's Camry again" until he's done. Thanks for the correction.

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