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March 2009 Letters To The Editor

January 2009 Cover
Posted March 1, 2009

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Tired Of Air-Pressure Tips?
Reader: I just read "Needs Better MPG From FJ-40 Cruiser" (Techline, Jan. '09). Are you kidding me? For one, maybe he is light-footed? That's not that big of an issue, but what really ticked me off was your response about his air pressure! You have no idea what wheel size or tire pressure he is running, and to tell him to increase his air pressure is really a one-sided argument. My teeth fell out the last time I tried that trick! I lifted my Dodge 1500 4x4 and added large wheels and tires and lost about 5 mpg by doing so. It's just a fact of life if you lift it and drive it on the street. I might also add that if anyone thinks lifted trucks look cool, well, you're right, they do, but beware--if you lift a truck, you will pay the price in frontend parts, tires, and yes, you will spend more on gas for your new gas hog. Just leave it stock unless you're using it off-road. Period.
Stacy Millard
Manhattan, KS

Wrangler Pickup Truck: Will They Ever...?
Reader: The Jeep Wrangler JT--is Jeep actually going to make this, or are they just teasing us every year? And if they aren't, I say to hell with their federal bailout money. If Jeep can't make a Jeep Wrangler JT, but they can make "car Jeeps," then screw 'em--there's no saving Chrysler/Jeep.

But if they do make a Wrangler pickup, my deposit is ready.
Kent Taylor
Coos Bay, OR

Editor: Like you, we've been teased and tugged for what seems like years over this rig. We've heard, at various times, that it would be based off the (IFS) Dakota chassis or (more recently) off the solid-axle JK Unlimited platform, and that it would run either a V-6 gas or four-cylinder diesel powerplant. Sorry to say, in recent months we've gotten word from reliable sources inside of Chrysler that the project has been shelved for the time being. Fortunately, the Jeep brand figures to survive into the future--even if Chrysler doesn't--so perhaps one day we'll see a midsize pickup truck with the seven-slot grille. It certainly makes sense from a brand-extension angle, and we'd be happy to trade the Compass for it. We'll keep you posted whenever we hear any news.

Word From The Binder Brotherhood
Reader: Being the owner of an IHC pickup, I'm sad to hear of the big IH haulers' "quiet killing" ("RPM," Jan. '09). But hey, if you can't buy a used one, they should still have the basic parts. So order a 4x4 chassis/cab and then "dude it up." What IH should do is bring the Scout back. I am sure a four-cylinder diesel is available, though I'm not sure what gas motor they could use, or what V-8 they could cut in half. Get to work, International! By the time it's ready, the economics will be in line for buyers. Cornbinders never die! But mine is trying. (Damn rust!)
Michael Beeson
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wants Big Tires For Big Jeep
Reader: I have an '87 Jeep J-20 pickup. I am having a hard time finding a lift kit big enough to run 38-inch tires. If you could help it would be great.
Heath Patterson
Twinlake, MN

Editor: To the best of our knowledge, there are no lift kits for your rig that will allow you to clear a tire that big without additional modifications. There are still some 3- to 4-inch lift kits from Skyjacker, Rough Country, Black Diamond, and Rocky Mountain which should give you room for (maybe) 33s; there may be other 3- to 4-inch kits as well out there. A spring-over conversion will give you another 4 inches, but even then, you will probably need to lose a fair amount of fender sheetmetal to fit 38s--assuming you don't want to go to the trouble of retrofitting an expensive long-arm suspension kit to your application, of course. Either that, or get some custom springs made by Deaver, National, or any other quality springmaker.

Looking For Top Truck DVDs
Reader: Do you still carry the Top Truck Challenge videos? If so, great. If not, are you able to direct me to who might?
Kristine Albrecht
Brussels, Ontario, Canada

Editor: We sell our TTC videos in cooperation with our amigos at 4-Wheel Parts Wholesalers. Log onto, and they should be able to take care of you.

More Northeast Wheeling Options
Reader: Hey, I'm a wheeler outta south Jersey, and I saw the letter from Nick ("Letters," Dec. '08) asking about places to go four-wheeling in New Jersey. I didn't read your "101 Places to Wheel Before You Die" (June '08), so I'm not sure if you guys included Carranza Memorial Park in Tabernacle. There is a wide variety of different mud holes small enough for a stock truck to go through, and big enough for a deuce to get buried in. I wheel my truck out in Wharton State Forest every weekend, and mostly Carranza too. It's a blast.
Max Nelson
Maple Shade, NJ

Reader: I've been reading this magazine and four-wheeling in my woods since I was a kid. Now I'm trying to go out on wheeling adventures with friends to new places. When I read "101 Places to Wheel Before You Die" (June '08), I was not didn't have any trails from the Northeast listed. I live in Connecticut and we have nothing. I wouldn't mind taking a trip up to New Hampshire for some trails, but I don't want to drive much farther than that. Are there any trails in the Northeast for four-wheeling? If there aren't any, can you guys help us four-wheelers in the Northeast get some trails open?
Daniel Baer
Prospect, CT

Editor: Try the Central Connecticut 4-Wheelers ( or the Northeast Jeep Organization ( for information on wheeling resources in your state. Another good source of information is the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs (, a clearinghouse for all sorts of New England wheeling information.

Thanks for the info about more Jersey wheeling locations. We hadn't heard of Wharton before, and we're happy to be enlightened. Whenever we get good tips like this from our readers, we'll publish them here.

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