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Project Trailhugger Hummer H3 Alpha Suspension- Shock Jock

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Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted March 1, 2009
Photographers: David Brubaker

Part 7: Light Racing JounceShocks

Here at Four Wheeler we like Light Racing JounceShocks so much we've installed them on several project rigs. 'Con Artist, Killer Bee, and our Nismo Frontier are some of the recipients of these extraordinary little devices, and we've been very impressed with the results. This month, we install them on our project Trailhugger H3 Alpha.

If you're not familiar with JounceShocks, here's the short version: These devices are basically air springs with damping control that replace the stock bumpstops on your vehicle. Devices like these have been used in the off-road racing scene since the late '80s, but only recently have found their way into the mainstream off-highway market. So what is the benefit? Well, as a supplemental suspension device typically utilized during the last third of suspension travel, JounceShocks provide vastly improved bottoming protection and substantial improvements in gross vehicle motion. In other words, they can do all kinds of tricks that a piece of rubber or urethane can't. As a bonus, they're externally adjustable for compression and rebound, nitrogen and oil fill adjustable, and fully rebuildable.

1. For reference, here are all of the stock parts that we removed to install the JounceShocks. Where did they come from? Read on.

As you'll recall, our plan for Trailhugger includes keeping the suspension height stock. To some this may seem like a radical decision, but our goal is to explore ways to preserve, and improve, the rig's excellent handling and ride, both on- and off-highway, as well as retain our rig's decent mpg numbers. After all, Trailhugger is a daily driver. With that said, we planned on integrating minimal suspension mods that provide maximum results. In Part 2 (Sept. '08), we installed a set of rugged Rod Hall Racing piggyback shocks. Now, with the addition of these JounceShocks our suspension modifications are complete.

The kit for our H3 Alpha came to us from Light Racing with everything needed to transform the ride and handling. We pointed Trailhugger to Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights, Illinois, where owner Matt Dinelli made it happen. Here are the highlights of this relatively easy install.


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Light Racing
Longmont, CO 80504
Attitude Performance
Arlington Heights, IL
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