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2004 Nissan Titan Exhaust Upgrades - Project Mega Titan

Front View Mud
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted June 1, 2009

Part 9: Growly Exhaust Upgrades

Over the years, our Mega Titan has seen lots of hard use. From multiple trips over the Rubicon Trail, to Moab's infamous slickrock, to the extreme hardcore challenges of Johnson Valley, the rig simply gets its use. Through it all, the original exhaust we installed has remained unscathed. We installed the setup back in '06 during our mad dash for the rig's debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Today those parts are working just like new. As such, we felt an in-depth report was in order to show off what gives our larger-than-life mega-project a sound to match. Check it out.


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7. The parts shown here are designed to trick the Titan's ECU into thinking the catalytic converters are still present. Essentially, when you remove the catalytic converter, the O2 sensors read raw untreated exhaust and send a signal that trips a "check engine" light. So the folks at Stillen had to develop an electronic solution to the problem. Once these parts are wired in, each of the O2 sensors' output signals are "conditioned," bringing each output back into a tolerable range.

8. After the new Stillen headers were installed we installed a pair of Flowmaster limited-edition signature series Classic 2 Chamber mufflers. These "suitcase"-style mufflers are what made Flowmaster famous back in the day. They employ a series of angled interior baffles that create a recurrent scavenging effect on the combustion chamber. This improves exhaust flow while deadening engine noise only minimally. Flowmaster's founder, Ray Flugger, designed these new Classic Two Chamber mufflers as a re-creation of the square-cased muffler that started it all back in 1983. They imitate the looks of the original but incorporate a slightly wider case, a new Delta deflector with the old-style baffles, which produces an unmistakable sound similar to the original Flowmaster mufflers. We like them because together with Stillen's headers, we have an exhaust note quite unlike any other Titan in existence.


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