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Custom Differentials Built High Pinion Dana 70

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The factory IFS is history, replaced by a Custom Differentials-built, high-pinion Dana 70 and Bigfoot-built four-link coilover suspension. The Dana 70 is commonly found in the GM Kodiak/TopKick 4500/5500 and features beefy brakes with huge calipers, 1 1/2-inch-diameter axleshafts (measured at the splines), 1550-series axlejoints (with inner and outer clips), and 4-inch-diameter, 0.600-inch-wall axletubes. It was regeared to 5.13:1 using Yukon components. It did not have to be cut and narrowed. After it left Custom Diff, the team at Bigfoot added substantial trussing to improve the housing strength, and they added a custom hydraulic steering system that uses Parker hoses and fittings.