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Winch Line

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The Superline XD synthetic winch line is manufactured with the most advanced technology in synthetic rope manufacturing today. Its core starts out as a larger-diameter line that is heated and stretched down to its final diameter. This process makes the line smaller, and the pre-stretching also gives the rope better abrasion resistance compared to normal Dyneema winch ropes. Next, the rope is sleeved with a tightly braided cover along the whole length of the rope. This cover gives the inner Superline core excellent protection against abrasion, especially abrasion from dirt and sand. With coverless winch lines, these contaminants can get lodged between the strands of the rope, which can cause fraying-never a good thing. The Superline XD cover keeps dirt and sand out of the core and prevents this abrasion from happening. It also gives the inner core complete protection from UV rays.